Models Own Dare To Bare Collection

Friday, 26 August 2016

PR Sample
Happy Friday everyone, I hope you've had a great week. Mine has been amazing, the weather has been lovely and it's been chock full of polish, a great combination (although I am looking forward to a cooler, wetter weekend).

Models Own Dare To Bare Polish Collection

Models Own Dare To Bare Polish Collection

On Tuesday Models Own very kindly sent me their new Hypergel, Dare To Bare polishes. For those of you living under a rock the last few weeks, the Dare To Bare collection is a full makeup range consisting of nude toned polishes, lipsticks and eyeshadows, suitable for all skin tones.

New Barry M Autumn/Winter Launches - 2016 Edition

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

PR Sample
Happy Hump Day, hasn't it been a scorcher? Yes I'm being super British today and have non-stop chatted about the weather to EVERYONE! The sunny days have been lovely but for a sight seeing trip around London, it was a little ... uncomfortable/sweaty. I had to make an emergency stop off at Primark to grab some new shoes because my sandals were rubbing like a biatch and I can't tell you how many 'plaster' stop offs I had to make throughout the day. Thankfully London is filled with lots of lovely places to eat cake and ice-cream so I combined them both.

The reason for my trip to London was for Barry M's Autumn/Winter product launch (yay but totally ironic given the weather). It seems like only last month I was in London for their Spring event (see my blog post here) and only yesterday that they launched their Summer range (see my post here), however despite the many protests of some (you know who you are), the retail world is fully embracing the change in season and I am right there with them.

Primark PS Beauty New Autumn Nail Polish

Monday, 22 August 2016

Ok so I don't want to rub it in, but when you're not at work, Mondays are amazing. I started my day off with a long lie in, a very leisurely shower and a cosy afternoon watching the last half of Season 3 of Under The Dome while swatching new and exciting nail polishes, 4 of which I'm going to show you today.

Primark P.S. Beauty Nail Polish

Primark P.S. Beauty Nail Polish

Primark nail polishes are my guilty pleasure, their sleek packaging, cheap price point and inviting colours all tempt me to load my basket with them every time I pop into a store.
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