How To: Polka Dot Tutorial

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

66 weeks ago I posted these pictures on instagram. Its so funny because I remember the day I did these like it was yesterday. I was so proud of myself and loved these nails, I showed them off to everyone. I thought it was only appropriate that seeing as my first nail art was polka dots that my first blog 'How To' tutorial would be polka dots too.


1. An old plastic card to put your polish onto. You can see from this picture that this card has been wiped with polish remover. Its the reason I love using these plastic cards when doing nail art designs as you can wipe and re-use again and again.
2. Dotting Tools. I bought a set of dotting tools off eBay which I use for polka dots, roses & small detail work, they're so handy. The yellow one on top is the finest and it's the one I use the most.
3. Polish for the dots.

Dotting Tools:

You can pick a set of dotting tools up from most nail art supply shops and on a ton of websites online. They are incredible for nail art. I have included a small size guide on the size of the dots you can make with these dotters. However the more polish that is on the dotter, the larger the dot becomes so it's advisable to clean your tool after every few dots you place to keep the size the same.

These dotting tools do have tips at both ends, however they all seem to be the same size on the other end so for this tutorial I will ignore them.

How To: Polka Dots

To make things easy I have colour coded my nails to match the dotter used. You can see that I have not included the yellow dotter in this tutorial (for me it is just too tiny).

Once you've painted your base colour on your nails you will need to select the dotter you wish to use and the polish for the dots.

Then carefully apply a tiny blob of polish onto the old plastic card. You don't want to apply too much because it does dry out quickly and becomes sticky and hard to work with. If this happens you need to use some fresh polish.

Now you're ready to Polka!

Follow the picture guide to place your dots.

Start at the top of the nail, in the middle and work down in a line (try keeping spaces between the dots a similar size).
Then move to one side and place dots between the centre line dots (try keeping the spaces similar and the dots the same size - remember that regular cleaning of the dotter will help this).
Then move to the other side of the nail, place dots between the centre line dots again and you're done.

Repeat on the rest of your nails = beautiful dotticure.

You can see the different size polka dots that the dotters create in the photo below.

Wait to dry completely before applying top coat because if you don't you will smudge your dots - believe me, I've done it SO many times.

Collage Time:

Please let me know your thoughts on this tutorial, I know polkas are simple but they're beautiful too.


  1. That's such a good idea about using a plastic card, I use paper and end up throwing away so much of it!

    1. I used to use paper too but then one day I found an old card and I never looked back :)

  2. Just found your blog and am working my way through your brilliant posts :)
    This tutorial is so easy to follow , and though simple dots look so effective , I love stripes too , am going to make a cuppa and enjoy reading through your posts ,
    Love Lucia x


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