Max Factor Fantasy Fire - The Hunt For The Perfect Undie

Sunday, 30 March 2014

This challenge was given to me by one of my lovely followers on IG (@betholter93).
Here is a quick extract of her email

''I recently bought MaxFactor Fantasy Fire nail polish and I noticed on your blog you had it under your polish list. Its a really pretty nail polish but I wondered if you could give me any tips on a base colour that will bring out the colours in it?''

I have spent a nice couple of hours swatching Fantasy Fire over lots of different colours to find the perfect base colour for this amazing polish.

Now I've had this polish in my collection for a couple of years now and I have to admit I've never used it ... shocking I know. However after tonight I am already looking forward to wearing it over some of the colours I tried.

So the first colours I thought to use as undies were black, blurple tones and a bright blue. I hunted through my collection and came up with the following to try. I picked easily available polishes here in the UK.

Maybelline Blackout, Barry M Plus, P.S. Royal Purple & Barry M Blue Grape

Maybelline Blackout really brought out the red and green in FF. The shift in colour was beautiful and looked so pretty on the nail, however it doesn't really look like the polish in the bottle so I moved on to the next.

Barry M Plum worked really well and brought out some more of the purple tones in FF but again, it was missing the beautiful blue tones that are visible around the edge of the FF bottle.

Primark P.S. Love Royal Purple looks perfect with FF. The shift in colours is stunning and it looks very close to the polish you see in the FF bottle.

Barry M Blue Grape is lovely as an undie for FF. The colours really shine through and if you look at the macro you see them clearly. However I feel it is just a little too blue for FF.

Overall it's a difficult decision to pick the best one. As you can see from the photos below, Barry M Plum seems to be the best undie to match the bottle, however I think that it is the Primark P.S. Royal Purple which looks the best with FF.

What undie from these 4 would you pick?

So after the purple and blue undie swatching I thought about the other tones in FF and decided to try it quickly over a few more unusual colours.

Barry M Watermelon, Seventeen Emerald Tropics, Barry M Blood Orange & P.S. Berry Fuchsia
Looking at the skittle mani below you can see that FF is gorgeous over all colours swatched. The macros show the shift in colours for each better. How amazing is this polish that it can suit all sorts of undies. Seventeen Emerald Tropics and Barry M Blood Orange were stunning with FF over it and the P.S. Love Berry Fuchsia has to be seen in real life to appreciate just how beautiful it looks.

I was tempted to swatch FF over yellow, orange and some more red toned polishes just to see how stunning it looked but I got sleepy.

I hope I have helped Beth and others decide which undie to wear under this amazing polish. It really is a personal choice depending on what tones of FF you want to see. There are no limits as far as this polish goes ... it really is a polish chameleon!


  1. Stunning! I've been wearing FF quite a but recently and just love it it :) x

  2. I can see why you love it, it's a stunning little beauty xx

  3. Where do I find this nail polish?!

    1. In shops like Boots or Superdrug. A quick Google would help you.


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