Models Own Sticky Fingers - Swatches & Review

Monday, 28 April 2014

Today I have one of the Models Own Sticky Fingers products for review. I purchased this a while ago now when Models Own were still doing their 6 for £20 offer and I needed another polish to get when I bought the Polish For Tans collection. Getting the Pastel Pink & Bows option was a complete no brainer.

The polish itself is a lovely baby pink, I used 3 coats on it's own, no topcoat for the photo below. The formula was a tad on the thick side but it still applied perfectly.

I took inspiration for the nail art from the box of the Sticky Fingers. The bows are on the small side for my nails and I found that the stickers with the stripes didn't fit across my nail totally so I had to add in the extra bits. These stickers would be great for little girls nails or people with tiny fingers.

The stickers themselves are quite thick and this means that they don't tend to stick too well to the nail so a little bit of gentle poking is needed to get them flat. I applied my stickers onto wet polish and dry polish and found they acted the same. I added 2 coats of topcoat which sealed them but lead to bubbles forming around the edge of the stickers.

I like these for that instant nail art look, however part of the fun of nail art is taking the time to create the look itself. I also have to admit to being a big fan of 3D bows over flat ones. However as a product for those with limited time I think it's great.

One last point, seeing as these polishes sell for £1 more than normal Models Own polishes, I think it would be good if they released the stickers on their own to buy. I would be far more tempted to spend money on the stickers alone. What do you think?

Models Own Sticky Fingers sell for £6 each and come in 5 different themes. You can get them from the Models Own website, or from Boots or Superdrug on the High Street.

Seventeen Juicy Neons - Swatches & Review

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hey everyone, I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I have to admit to loving wet weekends occasionally, it means I can sit inside and do lots of crafty things without feeling guilty for missing the sunshine. I have managed to get lots done today, including a sneaky spot of shopping and plan on finishing the evening up with some Chinese and a movie.

Today I have the new Juicy Neon range by Seventeen (use to be 17) by Boots. I always keep an eye on these companies as they tend to release new polishes with very little advanced notice. This collection is made up of 5 glittery jellies which I find have duochrome shifts much like Rimmel's Cocktail collection (post here). To be honest there's little neon about them so the name is a little misleading, but they're beautifully bright summer colours.

For the swatches below I followed the same pattern for every polish. I swatched each polish over black (2 coats), white (2 coats), a similar colour to the bottle (2 coats) and then on it's own (3 coats). I felt that this would give you a clear idea of what these polishes looked like and how they could be used.

As far as formula goes these were very thick. They could turn out to be very difficult as the bottle volume decreases so I would suggest you add a little thinner to solve both application issues and long term longevity.

Yellow is a gorgeous buttercup yellow with hints of silver in the flakies. I love this polish best over a yellow undie.

Orange is a delicious citrus colour which does look a little like shiny orange juice pulp. I love this colour so much, it almost has a gold tinge to the flakies which makes it look very interesting.

Pink is the most sheer of the lot but has the most interesting duochrome as it shifts to blue. I love these blue/pink polishes and have to say that this is stunning. Just look at it over black, it looks like a completely different polish (which I swear it isn't). It lacks the flakie style glitter that the rest of the collection has which makes the formula the best of the bunch.

Turquoise is a cross between a pale teal and mint in colour. It is very pretty though and looks amazing over all the colours.

Purple is a stunningly clear blue/purple duochrome. This shift pops the most over black and a similar base colour (I used Barry M Indigo). This is similar to Baby Bellini by Rimmel but has a truer blue tone to it.

And just for fun, some macros!

Overall I love these polishes, far more than I expected to. My favourite is Yellow and Orange ... who would have guessed right, but these are the sparkliest and I can't resist that kind of shimmer on my nails. You can buy these from Boots for £3.99 each, but currently they are on a 3 or 2.

Also new:
Although I did not pick up any of these polishes there were also 5 other new releases in the Seventeen section. A 3 part collection called 'Off The Wall Metals' and a 2 part collection called 'Crushed Foils'.

As you can see the Off The Wall Metals are a mix of black, white and either Silver, Bronze or Gold glitter pieces in a clear base and the Crushed Foils are flakie style silver and gold glitters in milky bases which do actually dry clear with a matte finish. These are all also £3.99 and in the same offer.

Hope you liked the swatches. Will you be getting any of these polishes?

Dance Legend Sulley - Swatches & Review

Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone. Hope you've had a nice 4 day weekend. I've had a lovely day and have spent the last hour singing along to Frozen while swatching this polish. I love watching Disney while doing my nails. Anyone else?

First off let me tell you that my passion for duochromes & multichromes has been of long standing. I love how the colours shimmer & shift. How your nails look like rainbows in certain lights. I've tried many different duo/multichromes from many different brands but the recent addition to my collection is a stand out.

 Dance Legend is a Russian brand, hard to get hold of here in the UK & expensive to buy where you can so I've not owned one until last Thursday when a recent Easter nail swap arrived. I let out a little scream when I saw I had been sent Sulley. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous multichromes from the collection but it's was mine! All mine.

Now if I owned a big safe you can be sure that this polish would be granted a space inside it. It's that precious to me.

I used 1 coat over black for the photos below. Not only does that help the colours to really stand out but it saves the valuable polish.

 I have not even got words to describe how gorgeous this is! The colours shift from amber to purple to pink to teal to blue & back again. What a masterpiece! Macro's show this off amazingly!

I am lucky enough to be off to Russia this summer as part of a cruise & you can be sure I will be stocking up on Dance Legend polishes if I find a store that sells them! Thanks again to Lauren (@lozzypop_nails) who sent this to me!

Happy Easter - Nail Art Roundup

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter, I hope you've all had a yummy day.

Just a quick blog post to summarise all my Easter nail art to date. I have never done any Easter nail art before but I have really loved it.

First I did a vintage Easter Egg skittle mani using lots of Barry M pastels.

Then because I loved the ring finger I had to recreate it on all the fingers.

A cute chick mani. I used a tutorial from @nailsbyjoha for the chick. It was brilliant.

These last two manis were inspired by @just1nail from instagram. I pretty much copied the rabbit mani dot for dot. But I had to have a go at the same mani but with chicks. The colours didn't look as good as I have envisioned but it's all a learning process.

Well I am off to have a cuppa and eat some more of my chocolate.

#tbt Barry M Pastel Textures - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Its Thursday again and so I get to drag out an old collection, swatch it and review it for your pleasure. I wanted to do an Eastery collection seeing as this Sunday is Easter. Time for bunnies, chocolate eggs, chicks and tummy aches. If you're a polish fan it's also a time to wear pastels!

Barry M released these textured polishes last February (2013). I grabbed them instantly as they were some of the first high street release textures on sale in the UK and they came in 4 gorgeous pastel colours.

Atlantic Road is a gorgeous baby blue. I used 3 coat for the photos below. The macro shows the texture of the polish better.

Station Road is a sunny, canary yellow. I used 3 coats, no topcoat for the photos below. This is the only polish that has a shimmer to it. You can see the yellow shimmer in the bottle. It's truly lovely and I do not know why Barry M only added shimmer to this one.

Kingsland Road is a marshmallow pink. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Ridley Road is a lovely mint green. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Formula is brilliant considering these are textures and the application is easy because of it. I suggest you don't flood your brush with polish as I find thin layers show the texture better than thick layers. Drying time is great as with all textures and I find that because these are quite finely textured they don't feel too rough on the nail.

As it's Easter I added my Black Polka Dot topcoat by Nubar over the swatches to turn them into instant speckled Easter egg nails!

These polishes are part of Barry M's main line now and are beautiful. They retail for £3.99 each but you can often get them on 3 for 2 or 3 for £6 deals in Boots & Superdrug. At the moment Barry M website (which offers international shipping) has a 15% off all online orders with the code FRESH15!

Have you got these polishes? Will you be buying?

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy vs. Models Own Beach Bag

With the recent release of Models Own Polish for Tans collection (post here), there has been a lot of buzz between the similarities between polish lovers favourite Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze.

As you can see from the bottles, they're very similar looking polishes, but they're not dupes. They're both bright, neon coral polishes but the differences between them are marked enough to warrant having both polishes in your collection.

Flip Flop Fantasy (FFF) is stunning. I used 3 coats on it's own with topcoat for the photo below.

Beach Bag (BB) is also gorgeous. I used 1 coat over white, no topcoat for the photo below.

Side by side you start to see the difference, only slightly though. It should be noted that these polishes are very bright and because of this my camera has trouble capturing their true shade. However these photos are as good as I can get.
However under UV the difference is a lot clearer. There is far more neon pigment in FFF and I think this is because BB is a creamier, more pastel neon polish.

Bottle size: 14ml in both.
Formula: FFF is thin but tricky first coat and has the tendency to drag if you don't wait for it to be completely dry. BB is thick but easy to use.
Application:on their own = 3 coats for FFF vs. 2 coats for BB.
Price: FFF varies depending on where you buy from but you can get it for about £4 from various online stores including Nail Polish Direct & Beauty Bay. BB is £5 but often in promotional sales in shops & on the Models Own website.
Overall I have a huge amount of love for both these polishes and am so glad they both grace my collection.
I have seen a new formula FFF which appears to be a lot more pink. Its also very pretty but nothing like the original. Why is it that these companies mess around with perfection?
Have you got either of these polishes? Which do you prefer?

Models Own Polish For Tans - Swatches & Review

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you've had a great start to the weekend. I have been busy the last few days with some family birthday celebrations. It's been so lovely but I am glad to be back after my little blog break.

Today I have Models Own new Polish for Tans collection to show you. This collection claims to be the first-ever designed to enhance and compliment a natural tan. Sounds a little bit weird to me, but tan or no tan, these are amazing colours.

Now as these are neon polishes I swatched them all over white. I always chose to wear a white base with neons as I feel they make the colours 'pop', however this is my preference and by no means the only way to wear these polishes. The formula for all these polishes was slightly thick, very similar to China Glaze's sunsational neon pastel polishes so be careful when applying them. I only needed 1 thick coat over white for each of the swatches below. They also dry to a semi matte finish so if you prefer to have more shine on your mani, I'd suggest you use a topcoat. I didn't for the photos below.

Beach Bag is a bright, pastel, peach, creme polish. It's such a pretty colour.

Bikini is a neon, sunny, yellow, creme polish. It's similar to Luis Lemon but slightly more creamy looking.

Flip Flop is an amazingly bright, grass green, neon creme polish. This was the polish from the collection that caught my eye. I don't own anything like it and I have to admit that it may be my fave green ever.

Shades is a coral neon polish. I feel like I have seen a lot of this 'shade' of polish (get the pun?). Anyways, it's pretty but nothing special.

Sun Hat is a bright, pastel pink creme and I love it. Models Own always includes a pink polish in their collections and as a pink fan I am so grateful.

I have to say I love this collection, however apart from Flip Flop nothing feels very unique and I have lots of similar colours in my collection. But if unlike me you have very few neons I definitely suggest you grab this one. The colours are gorgeous, the application great and the drying time perfect. I am excited to see how these look on tanned skin. I am pale at the minute but look how brown my skin looks in these pics! It has given me a tan! Thanks Models Own.

I got this collection in Models Own 6 for £20 offer which is still live until the 21st April. You can also buy these from Superdrug and very soon from Boots.

Which is your favourite polish from the collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts about these Polish for Tans polishes.
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