Dance Legend Sulley - Swatches & Review

Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone. Hope you've had a nice 4 day weekend. I've had a lovely day and have spent the last hour singing along to Frozen while swatching this polish. I love watching Disney while doing my nails. Anyone else?

First off let me tell you that my passion for duochromes & multichromes has been of long standing. I love how the colours shimmer & shift. How your nails look like rainbows in certain lights. I've tried many different duo/multichromes from many different brands but the recent addition to my collection is a stand out.

 Dance Legend is a Russian brand, hard to get hold of here in the UK & expensive to buy where you can so I've not owned one until last Thursday when a recent Easter nail swap arrived. I let out a little scream when I saw I had been sent Sulley. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous multichromes from the collection but it's was mine! All mine.

Now if I owned a big safe you can be sure that this polish would be granted a space inside it. It's that precious to me.

I used 1 coat over black for the photos below. Not only does that help the colours to really stand out but it saves the valuable polish.

 I have not even got words to describe how gorgeous this is! The colours shift from amber to purple to pink to teal to blue & back again. What a masterpiece! Macro's show this off amazingly!

I am lucky enough to be off to Russia this summer as part of a cruise & you can be sure I will be stocking up on Dance Legend polishes if I find a store that sells them! Thanks again to Lauren (@lozzypop_nails) who sent this to me!


  1. This is an absolute stunner and I can't believe its only one coat. I would love to own many of the beautiful dance legend polishes but for now I will make do with looking at pics :). You did a fab job of showing this off x

  2. Amazing polish , am so jealous :) , wish we could get this in the UK xx

  3. I am from the UK and we can get it here. Rainbow Comnection sells them. Thank you also for all your lovely comments. It makes me so happy to know people love my blog. Will work on a daisy tutorial soon too, great idea xx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Will go check out Rainbow Connection, thanks for sharing,and look forward to the daisy tutorial ,thanks hun xx


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