Seventeen Juicy Neons - Swatches & Review

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hey everyone, I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I have to admit to loving wet weekends occasionally, it means I can sit inside and do lots of crafty things without feeling guilty for missing the sunshine. I have managed to get lots done today, including a sneaky spot of shopping and plan on finishing the evening up with some Chinese and a movie.

Today I have the new Juicy Neon range by Seventeen (use to be 17) by Boots. I always keep an eye on these companies as they tend to release new polishes with very little advanced notice. This collection is made up of 5 glittery jellies which I find have duochrome shifts much like Rimmel's Cocktail collection (post here). To be honest there's little neon about them so the name is a little misleading, but they're beautifully bright summer colours.

For the swatches below I followed the same pattern for every polish. I swatched each polish over black (2 coats), white (2 coats), a similar colour to the bottle (2 coats) and then on it's own (3 coats). I felt that this would give you a clear idea of what these polishes looked like and how they could be used.

As far as formula goes these were very thick. They could turn out to be very difficult as the bottle volume decreases so I would suggest you add a little thinner to solve both application issues and long term longevity.

Yellow is a gorgeous buttercup yellow with hints of silver in the flakies. I love this polish best over a yellow undie.

Orange is a delicious citrus colour which does look a little like shiny orange juice pulp. I love this colour so much, it almost has a gold tinge to the flakies which makes it look very interesting.

Pink is the most sheer of the lot but has the most interesting duochrome as it shifts to blue. I love these blue/pink polishes and have to say that this is stunning. Just look at it over black, it looks like a completely different polish (which I swear it isn't). It lacks the flakie style glitter that the rest of the collection has which makes the formula the best of the bunch.

Turquoise is a cross between a pale teal and mint in colour. It is very pretty though and looks amazing over all the colours.

Purple is a stunningly clear blue/purple duochrome. This shift pops the most over black and a similar base colour (I used Barry M Indigo). This is similar to Baby Bellini by Rimmel but has a truer blue tone to it.

And just for fun, some macros!

Overall I love these polishes, far more than I expected to. My favourite is Yellow and Orange ... who would have guessed right, but these are the sparkliest and I can't resist that kind of shimmer on my nails. You can buy these from Boots for £3.99 each, but currently they are on a 3 or 2.

Also new:
Although I did not pick up any of these polishes there were also 5 other new releases in the Seventeen section. A 3 part collection called 'Off The Wall Metals' and a 2 part collection called 'Crushed Foils'.

As you can see the Off The Wall Metals are a mix of black, white and either Silver, Bronze or Gold glitter pieces in a clear base and the Crushed Foils are flakie style silver and gold glitters in milky bases which do actually dry clear with a matte finish. These are all also £3.99 and in the same offer.

Hope you liked the swatches. Will you be getting any of these polishes?


  1. I really like the turquoise and purple. Fantastic pics as always Vicky. I might treat myself to a couple of the new metals or foils tomorrow xx

  2. These are gorgeous! I love the yellow over the yellow base, and the pink over the black is crazy! I think i may go for purple, green & yellow! I think the Crushed Foils sound interesting too.
    I love your swatches!


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