#tbt Models Own Ice Neons - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Today's #tbt post is on Models Own Ice Neon Collection. These stunning polishes were released in March 2013. Wow, where has the time gone?

A whole year later & Models Own are now releasing a new neon collection called Polish For Tans. I can not wait for these colours & next Wednesday I will be online ordering my set as soon as I am possible, but for now re-swatching their old neons will have to tide me over!

All these swatches were done over a white base (HyperGel White Light) so that the neon could really pop. This is my preference & not in any way how you should wear these polishes, they can be worn without a white undie & they still look amazing!

Pink Punch is a stunning pinky-coral & believe me the name is fitting. The neon glow packs a massive punch & I love how gorgeous this is on. Every time I wear this polish I remember just how much I love it. It's my fave of the collection. This was 2 coats over white, no topcoat. The second picture shows a truer colour of this polish.

Luis Lemon is a bright highlighter yellow polish. Wow is all I can say, I've worn this polish many times & always get people asking about it. This was 2 coats over white, no topcoat.

Pukka Purple is a creamy, purpley beauty. However despite it not being a 'true' neon, I like that it's in this collection. It's breaks up all the traditional neon colours & adds a little something extra. This was 2 coats over white, no topcoat.

Bubblegum is a scrumptious pink neon that is truly stunning. I love a pink polish but I love love a pink neon polish. I've needed to buy a back up of this because I've worn it so much. This was 2 coats over white, no topcoat. The second picture shows a truer colour of this polish.


Toxic Apple is a radioactive looking green polish that screams ghost busters slime to me. I love how much this polish pops, the neon-ness is overwhelming. This was 2 coats over white, no topcoat.

All these polishes dry to a semi matte finish, however you can see from the pictures that's there's still a nice shine on them. The top of the bottle does recommend you add a topcoat if you require more shine though, again, like the white undie it's all down to preference.

Overall this collection was & still is super beautiful. I love the bottles, the colours & the names, but what I love most about neons is their ability to glow under UV. Look how amazing they all look, bar sad little Pukka Purple who was clearly left out of the neon pigment in-crowd. I instantly want to paint my nails ... heck my whole body in these polishes & head off to a rave.

Although Polish For Tans is the new neon collection, the Ice Neons should not be overlooked. If you don't own them, I seriously suggest you grab them now from Models Own website while they still have their 6 for £20 offer. You'll only regret it if you don't.

Do you love neons? What's your favourite Ice Neon polish?


  1. I am going to get some soon from superdrug they have models own on at 3for2 so works out the same and I've wanted to try these colours stamping for a while

    1. Oooh I hope you like them. I don't stamp but I hope they work well for it, the purple and pink ones would be brilliant as they're thick but the yellow and green are quite thin.

  2. I have two of those and i really like them but i just read on the Models Own website that they were supposed to be stored in the fridge or somewhere cold. Do you do that ?

    1. I store mine in a Helmer in a cool room. I've no room in my fridge! Haha. They seem to have kept their neon-ness for the past year so I think we're safe x


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