Barry M - Boots Summer Limited Editions Swatches & Review

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

So yesterday you saw the 2 Superdrug Limited Edition Nail Paints (post here) that Barry M will be releasing on the 4th June, today I bring you the 2 Boots releases, Carousel and Bikini.

Barry M Boots Summer Limited Edition Carousel & Bikini

Carousel is a gorgeous coral with a golden shimmer. You can see from the bottle that the shimmer is amazing, however it doesn't transfer well to the nail and I really struggled to see it under all sorts of light conditions. The formula for this is a little thick so be careful when applying. I used 2 coats, no topcoat for the photos below.

Barry M Boots Summer Limited Edition Carousel

Barry M Boots Summer Limited Edition Carousel Macro

Bikini is a dark lavender with blue tones. It is also a creme polish (the only one out of the 4) and has the best formula out of the lot. It took 2 smooth coats, no topcoat for the photos below.

Barry M Boots Summer Limited Edition Bikini

Barry M Boots Summer Limited Edition Bikini Macro

Both these polishes will be available in Boots stores from the 11th June for £3.99 each. However if like me and you can't wait (because lets face it, 2 weeks is AGES away), you can go onto the Boots website and grab these now.

Now you've seen all 4 Summer Limited editions, which is your must have?

Barry M - Superdrug Summer Limited Editions Swatches & Review

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Barry M are releasing 4 new limited edition polishes over the coming weeks, 2 are exclusive to Superdrug & 2 to Boots. These summer limited editions always have patterned lids, unlike the Christmas limited editions which seem to have foil lids.

They did the same last year for their summer limited editions but the lids were zebra & aztec themed. I have to admit to loving these themed lids & this years are totally cute!

Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition Seaside & Promenade
Today I have the 2 Superdrug summer limited editions. Seaside (Blue) & Promenade (Pink), I love they're summer themed names and the colours are amazing. Both these polishes have a gorgeous shimmery finish that is similar to the base of the Barry M Superdrug 50th Birthday polish. The formula is a little sticky so be sure to wait for the layers to dry before applying the next otherwise you'll end up dragging the polish.

Seaside is a gorgeous turquoise blue with a silver shimmer and green undertone. I used 2 coats, no topcoat, but if you don't like a VNL you may want to add a third. The green tone in real life is gorgeous but my iPhone had trouble capturing it.

Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition Seaside

Macro of Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition Seaside
Promenade is a stunning raspberry with pink shimmer polish. It reminds me of a Daiquiri. I used 2 coats, no topcoat for the photo below.

Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition Promenade

Macro of Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition Promenade
You can buy these on June 4th from all Superdrug stores for £3.99 each. However you may be able to find them early like me!

What do you think about these limited edition polishes? Is it the lids or the colours which attract you the most?

Creating Your Own Polish - Frankening DIY

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Firstly no I don't have any new Barry M polishes, haha but I have made my very own exclusive limited edition Barry M polishes and thats almost as exciting!

I suspect all polish lovers imagine themselves creating their own line of polishes. However the idea of setting up an independent, indie polish company is just beyond the realms of possibility for me at least.

So I thought, why not start small scale and create a couple of polishes at home.

Three simple but different ways of frankening:
1. Mixing old bottles of nail polish to create new colours.
2. Crushing up eyeshadow pigments and mixing it with clear polish to create a polish that matches your makeup.
3. Mixing glitter into old bottles of polish to create your own glitter wonder.

I decided that I would start with the latter as I had a couple of spare bottles of Barry M lying around and some pretty glitter that I was itching to add to some polish.

  • Nail Polish
  • Glitter
  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape

I bought my glitter from various sellers on eBay (of course). Some you get just one colour in large lots which are quite cheap and others you can buy pre-mixed for around £1 a pot. You can also buy pigments and pretty much anything else you may want to add to your polish. Until recently it was difficult to get a good variety of glitters, but a lot of sellers are now selling different shapes, colours and finishes which is awesome.

Its as easy as:
  1. Create a card cone.
  2. Open polish bottle and stick in cone.
  3. Pour in glitter (add glitter bit by bit).
  4. Shake the bottle until arm hurts and glitter is mixed through.

Do not add in loads of glitter straight away like I did. The polish can only handle a certain amount before it turns into a gloopy mess, so add a little bit, shake, test and repeat until you're happy.

Now my first foray into the world of an indie polish maker yielded one massive success and a little flop. I will put some of the things I have learnt at the end but here are the 2 finished creations! No names, just glittery goodness.

Strawberry Ice Cream Barry M Franken. I used 2 coats of polish and took a photo with clear topcoat and then with matte topcoat.

Bright Pink Barry M Franken. I used 2 coats of polish and took a photo with clear topcoat and then with matte topcoat.

Hints & Tips:
Do not over glitter your polish, it leads to clumpy application (see Bright Pink polish pics).
Light glitters do not show up very easily in darker/richly pigmented polishes.
Wear gloves otherwise you'll be washing glitter off your hands, face etc for the rest of your life.

Finally be brave, have fun and create something.
Let me know if you create your own polish or have any other tips etc

The Polish List - Bringing It All Together

So the last few days I have been seriously thinking about my polish journey. What I am doing well, not so well, where I am and where I want to go. I have no set plan, as long as the colours, patterns and art is fun and creative I am happy. However I do want to grow, so to speak, in the nail world and this requires a certain level of planning.

So I decided to set up a facebook and twitter for 'The Polish List'. I am hoping that twitter will be a little more relaxed than the posts I put on my blog. I love how easy it is to post whats on your mind at that minute, what you spot in the shops and that you can easily communicate with brands.

Facebook will be a place to share all my photos, photos of other people who have been inspired by my work and also nails I do for friends etc. I want it to be a place where my followers and I can share and discuss nail polish etc with a little less of the restrictions imposed by instagram (easy link sharing, quick photos that aren't so perfect and won't cause half your followers to unfollow etc).

I also took the brave step in changing my IG name to @thepolishlist rather than @xxpinky_bubblesxx. Now everything is the same and people can find me easily on all 4 social media outlets.

So here is where to find me:

Next I want to get a logo designed and a matching website template. If anyone knows of a good but reasonable designer, comment below!

Martian Nails

Thursday, 22 May 2014

So my recent delivery of Lacquer Lab polishes contained a polish with they are sadly discontinuing. I am so glad I managed to get my hands on it as the formula of Red Planet from their Studio Collection is amazing and the colour is beautiful.

The name inspired my nail art. I have never thought of painting an alien on my nails until I read the name of this polish this evening. I did consider painting a bright green martian but then I thought the nails could look Christmasy despite the nature of the design.

It took me around an hour to paint this, I am still slow with my designs but I never like finishing unless I think it's perfect. Even now I look at this picture and see at least 10 corrections I wish I had made.

Here is a quick overview of the steps. I always sketch out the shape in the palest colour of the design. I find it helps as I have got dimensions incorrect in the past. Then I add the details in stages.

Be prepared to fiddle around a lot near the end, I still have not got outlining down. I tend to go too thick or too thin which really annoys me. Plus I haven't found the best brush for outlining yet so I am trying out a new one each time.

You can get Red Planet and The Studio Collection now while stocks last for 30% off on The Lacquer Lab's website using code gimme30. I highly recommend it, the 4 polishes I have from this collection are gorgeous. Other full collections are also 30% off (correct at time of publishing this post).

The Lacquer Lab - Salt and Pepper Duo Swatches and Review

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Lacquer Lab unexpectedly announced the release of 2 beautiful new luxury creme polishes on Friday the 16th May called the Salt and Pepper Duo. I grabbed them immediately, I am always on the lookout for new white and black polishes.

Salt is a snowy white. It took 3 thin coats to get full coverage. Formula was good and application easy, as always these creme polishes are great.

Pepper is a jet black. This is an incredible polish, all but one nail I managed to get away with using only one coat. The formula is the best I've seen from TLL and consequently the application is brilliant.

I did some rather literal nail art using these 2 polishes. Yes that's actual salt and pepper on my nails and yes I know that the P is before the S so it reads Pepper and Salt. Honestly, little things like that really get my OCD flaring up. Luckily I am too sleepy today otherwise I would have redone the letters the right way around! This will teach me for rushing into something and not planning properly ... but then again, when you're about to shake condiments onto your nails all sense has already gone out the window!

This duo is great and a fabulous addition to The Lacquer Lab line. Staple polish colours like white and black are always needed. You can buy these individually for £7 each or together in a set for £12 from their website.

How To: Fimo Nail Art

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fimo canes are one of the most unused 3D nail art tool I know of.

Yes, everyone loves a rhinestone but these canes come in all sorts of cute and colourful shapes that I truly believe that they're as versatile as rhinsetones. I have used them in a few mains now (see at end) but the most recent was in recreating a pattern I spotted on a Topshop dress.

I thought I'd give you a little 'How To' as I know a lot of people are unsure at how to go about using canes.

Fimo canes/Slices
Nail polish/Glue

Firstly the fimo. I suggest you buy rather than make the canes as I have no idea how you'd go about that. eBay is your best friend here. I think I bought a pack of 50 random canes for £2. Crazy cheap! You can also buy them pre-sliced for around £1 in a nail art wheel. You don't get nearly as many but it's more convenient.

Then you need a blade (gah!), I hate blades even though I'm a scientist and have dissected many a thing. I got this amazing pen blade from Dovecraft (from Wilkinsons) and paid about £4 for it. I love it because it pops out with a click and back in again just a quick so there's never a point it's lying around & in danger of cutting you.

Nail polish is my sticking material of choice but if you have nail glue feel free to use that to stick the cut slices onto your nails.

Cutting the canes is a little tricky but you eventually get the hang of it. I'd suggest you practise with a cane you don't like to begin with. This is to get an idea of how your blade works & how to slice off bits or whole slices (can I recommend the black creepy Micky Mouse / Witch in the first picture above! Holy cow that thing is scary!).

Once you've got some slices you can then cut them in half and then in half again.

I find that cutting loads of different sizes, shapes & bits makes creating the design easy as you don't need to keep stopping to cut some more.

I used tweezers to apply the slices & yellow polish to stick them to the nail after I had painted my nails white and added on the black stripes and leaves. I found that using clear polish this time meant the lemon slices didn't pop. Then I layered on all kinds of shapes until I was happy with the design.

These 2 are other manis I have created using fimo canes (look how short my nails are). The first was a chocolate orange inspired mani and the second was some spring flowers.

The next two pictures are fimo inspiration taken from instagram and show how designs with fimo can be created on long nails. Credit goes to @lusterlacquer & @leannested on Instagram.

Barry M Summer Matte 2014 Comparisons

Sunday, 18 May 2014

I love doing these comparison posts, it gives me a chance to look at all my polishes again and rediscover a few old beauties.

A few of the new Summer Matte polishes look a little familiar so I have swatched them against other similar Barry M colours. I haven't branched out to other brands as I don't have a huge amount of non-English polishes.

All details are on the photos, I have used the names found on the base of the bottles but if you have any questions please comment below. The only one which may need explaining is the SLE 2013 name which was the Neon Pink with Zebra lid summer limited edition released by Superdrug last year.


These new Summer Matte polishes are officially due for release in June. However I bought mine from the Boots website for £3.99 which is selling them early (correct at time of blog post being published).

Barry M Summer 2014 Matte Nail Paints - Swatches & Review

Friday, 16 May 2014

So Barry M announced today that they are releasing yet another mini collection, this time the polishes are an addition to their Matte range. I have to admit that I stumbled across these polishes on the Boots website in the week and ordered them straight away.

All the swatches below are 2 coats. The formula was amazing, pigmentation perfect and the drying time great. I had difficulty with the older Matte polishes formula but these seemed different. I have shown the polishes as they are in the first photo and then in the second photo with a coat of Barry M clear topcoat as I know the matte finish is not for everyone.

Wahiki is a unusual yellowy-lime green polish. I actually like it on even though it looks a little dodgy (thoughts of baby poo and bogies did cross my mind).

Barry M Matte Wahiki
Barry M Matte Wahiki with topcoat

Miami is another pink superstar from Barry M. I love it so much and believe me when I say Barry M have no dupes to this.

Barry M Matte Miami
Barry M Matte Miami with topcoat

Malibu is a gorgeous powdery cornflower. At first glance it looks similar to the recent release Damson. But it isn't, what it is however is stunning! I love the blues that Barry M have released this year.

Barry M Matte Malibu
Barry M Matte Malibu with topcoat

Rhossili is a gorgeous pink toned purple. It reminds me a bit of Pantone's colour of the year 2014,  Radiant Orchid. Originally I thought this was similar to Bright Purple but again it's nothing alike.

Barry M Matte Rhossili
Barry M Matte Rhossili with topcoat

Cancun is a tropical turquoise. In real life this leans more green, but my iPhone really struggles to capture these tones.

Barry M Matte Cancun
Barry M Matte Cancun with topcoat

Copacabana is a stunning bright coral red. It actually remind me a little of Models Own Hed Kandi on its that bright.

Barry M Matte Copacabana
Barry M Matte Copacabana with topcoat

Overall these polishes are stunning. A great addition to the Matte range and also the wider range of Barry M colours. I will put up a comparison post tomorrow so check back for that. My fave colours are probably Malibu blue and Copacabana coral. These are both perfect summer colours and I adore them both matte and glossy.

Although these aren't officially due for release until June you, like me can buy them now from Boots website (correct at time of post being published) for £3.99 each.

I also noticed that on the Boots website Barry M also have a Matte Topcoat for sale for £2.99. This I will definitely be picking up, I love the matte finish, especially over glitter manis (picture below has been taken from the website).

Barry M Matte topcoat
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