Barry M Summer 2014 Matte Nail Paints - Swatches & Review

Friday, 16 May 2014

So Barry M announced today that they are releasing yet another mini collection, this time the polishes are an addition to their Matte range. I have to admit that I stumbled across these polishes on the Boots website in the week and ordered them straight away.

All the swatches below are 2 coats. The formula was amazing, pigmentation perfect and the drying time great. I had difficulty with the older Matte polishes formula but these seemed different. I have shown the polishes as they are in the first photo and then in the second photo with a coat of Barry M clear topcoat as I know the matte finish is not for everyone.

Wahiki is a unusual yellowy-lime green polish. I actually like it on even though it looks a little dodgy (thoughts of baby poo and bogies did cross my mind).

Barry M Matte Wahiki
Barry M Matte Wahiki with topcoat

Miami is another pink superstar from Barry M. I love it so much and believe me when I say Barry M have no dupes to this.

Barry M Matte Miami
Barry M Matte Miami with topcoat

Malibu is a gorgeous powdery cornflower. At first glance it looks similar to the recent release Damson. But it isn't, what it is however is stunning! I love the blues that Barry M have released this year.

Barry M Matte Malibu
Barry M Matte Malibu with topcoat

Rhossili is a gorgeous pink toned purple. It reminds me a bit of Pantone's colour of the year 2014,  Radiant Orchid. Originally I thought this was similar to Bright Purple but again it's nothing alike.

Barry M Matte Rhossili
Barry M Matte Rhossili with topcoat

Cancun is a tropical turquoise. In real life this leans more green, but my iPhone really struggles to capture these tones.

Barry M Matte Cancun
Barry M Matte Cancun with topcoat

Copacabana is a stunning bright coral red. It actually remind me a little of Models Own Hed Kandi on its that bright.

Barry M Matte Copacabana
Barry M Matte Copacabana with topcoat

Overall these polishes are stunning. A great addition to the Matte range and also the wider range of Barry M colours. I will put up a comparison post tomorrow so check back for that. My fave colours are probably Malibu blue and Copacabana coral. These are both perfect summer colours and I adore them both matte and glossy.

Although these aren't officially due for release until June you, like me can buy them now from Boots website (correct at time of post being published) for £3.99 each.

I also noticed that on the Boots website Barry M also have a Matte Topcoat for sale for £2.99. This I will definitely be picking up, I love the matte finish, especially over glitter manis (picture below has been taken from the website).

Barry M Matte topcoat


  1. I knew you would be one step ahead. These all look fabulous and are definite must buys for me. Did you have any pics of the matte finish with no top coat? Did you like the matte finish? xx

  2. The first of the two pics is without topcoat hun, they are so pretty xx

  3. Good colours, do they seem a little less matte to you than the neutral (previous matte)?

    1. A little, to be honest I haven't worn the classic matte polishes very much. Oooh may a #tbt idea for this week! thanks x

  4. Sorry Vicky I obviously wasn't concentrating properly last night. Of course I can totally see the difference in the two pics now I'm more awake ;)). Sorry about that xx

    1. Haha, they're a little less matte and the super bright light didn't help! xx

  5. These look fab! Thank you for the post I saw them but I wasn't sure on what to make of them and how they'd look x

    1. Glad I could help. I always find looking at real life swatches helps me decide if I really like a polish x

  6. Great summer colours! I really love the look of Radiant Orchid. Can't help thinking they don't look super matte? I feel like the original matte releases were more matte? (If that makes sense!?)

    Tara / Headline Beauty x

    1. A little less matte but it's mainly my bright light making them look so shiny. They are matte IRL x

  7. I have two of their previous matte range and wished they had more colours. These colours look great especially for summer but they look a little less matte than the autumn range.
    I'll definitely be buying a few especially the top coat as I love a matte manicure!
    Great swatches!

    x x

  8. A little less matte but it's mainly my bright light making them look so shiny. They are matte IRL. I also love matte topcoats, a bargain buy xx

  9. i'm really loving cancun! i just wish barry m was easily attainable in the US.

    1. They ship to the states via their website. You can also try ninjapolish, I have got some Barry M's for my American nail mail pals from their before xx

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