Martian Nails

Thursday, 22 May 2014

So my recent delivery of Lacquer Lab polishes contained a polish with they are sadly discontinuing. I am so glad I managed to get my hands on it as the formula of Red Planet from their Studio Collection is amazing and the colour is beautiful.

The name inspired my nail art. I have never thought of painting an alien on my nails until I read the name of this polish this evening. I did consider painting a bright green martian but then I thought the nails could look Christmasy despite the nature of the design.

It took me around an hour to paint this, I am still slow with my designs but I never like finishing unless I think it's perfect. Even now I look at this picture and see at least 10 corrections I wish I had made.

Here is a quick overview of the steps. I always sketch out the shape in the palest colour of the design. I find it helps as I have got dimensions incorrect in the past. Then I add the details in stages.

Be prepared to fiddle around a lot near the end, I still have not got outlining down. I tend to go too thick or too thin which really annoys me. Plus I haven't found the best brush for outlining yet so I am trying out a new one each time.

You can get Red Planet and The Studio Collection now while stocks last for 30% off on The Lacquer Lab's website using code gimme30. I highly recommend it, the 4 polishes I have from this collection are gorgeous. Other full collections are also 30% off (correct at time of publishing this post).


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