Polish DIY - Make Your Own Sheer Tint Polish

Sunday, 11 May 2014

OPI sheer tints have been a huge hit this year and I adore all 4 colours released (post here). However there are some colours they just can't make: black being one.

I do not know who first decided to make their own black sheer tint polish but I have loved the nail art and looks that this polish is capable of so I decided to finally make my own. I also tried to make a red one but it turned out more pink, still pretty but not what I was after.

All you need:
  • Clear polish x2
  • Black polish
  • Red Polish
... yes that is all.

First all of I suggest you use a new clear polish, I tried it with an older bottle and the polish had got a little thick and gloopy which ruined the overall finish for me.



1. Take lids off both bottles and empty about 1/5 of the clear polish into another waste bottle (polish should never be disposed of down a sink).
2. Add in a few drops of black polish to the clear polish. Shake hard and test.
3. Slowly add more of the black polish until you are happy with the test result. Shaking hard is essential to properly mix the two polishes properly.
4. Repeat with red (or other colour of your choice) and create some awesome mani's using your new home made sheer tints.
(*shown is one coat and then two coats on the swatch wheel).

It really is that easy. You could create so many different colours.Have fun and let me know what colours you make.


  1. How funny that we have been doing the same thing today :). Just different top coats. I did black and pink as I don't own any sheer tints but saw a fab stamped rose design that I need to try with a pink jelly x

    1. Ooh the pink will be lovely, I am thinking of making a green and orange one too but I may wait a while as I have these to be keeping me busy for now. Can not wait to see what your design is xx

  2. What a great post , will have to try this :) xx


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