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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Imagine the scenario, you're making a cuppa. You go to open the fridge to get the milk out but your freshly moisturised hands slip on the door & your nail catches. You know before you look that it's broken. Weeks of hard work growing these babies out and you're doomed to nubs again, especially as the break is near the smile line, it'll take ages to grow it out. A little part of you dies inside, the part that has just bought lots of new polish and wants to complete the recent nail art challenge with the same length nails .... JUST FOR ONCE!

Well, the solution is here. I had been nursing a couple of small breaks on 2 of my nails for weeks by using thick layers of polish and topcoat. However Rica (@justricarda) had recently bought an emergency repair kit so I went on the hunt for one here in the UK. My first port of call in these cases is eBay and I found Orly Nail Rescue for around £10 delivered. It took over a week to arrive from Ireland but OMG it's worth it.

The kit is made up of 3 simple parts:
Nail Glue
Powder (the magic dust)

The process to mending your little break is easy.
1. Clean the nail with polish remover.
2. Apply nail glue to break area above and below if possible (it says do the whole nail but I only did the break area, I can't imagine the mess I'd make if I had to do the whole nail).
3. Quickly put nail tip (where the break is) into the powder.
4. Remove and allow to dry for a couple of minutes.
5. Wipe away spare powder with wet wipe and buff area flat.




By pairing the glue and powder the break becomes really solid. The set glue/powder combo can be removed using only acetone so there's no worry about it coming off after every manicure if you use an acetone free remover. I have found I need to re-do this process every week but it really is worth it as it's saved my nails from becoming nubs. It also claims to be able to re-join completely broken off parts of nail, but I haven't had to try that yet.

I have to say I love this product. It takes minutes to apply and is the perfect saviour for those horrid, gut wrenching moments when we break our nails. The 3 parts of this products are tiny and easy to carry around so I make sure that they are in my bag all the time! It will also last ages, you may need to replace the nail glue more than the powder but both should still last you at least 6 months - 1 year depending on your klutziness.

I have been doing my nails for years and have only just discovered this so I wanted to share with everyone so that there is no more sad, nub posts!


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