#TBT Lacquer Lab Spring Breakers Collection - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Its Thursday again and today my #tbt post is dedicated to one of The Lacquer Lab's first collections, The Spring Breakers Collection.

This bright 5 piece collection contains all cremes in a gorgeous variety of colours.

Cancun Hot is the hottest fiery red I think I have in my collection. This is 2 coats, no topcoat.

Kiss Me Quick (#KMQ) is a lovely bright bubblegum pink. Again 2 coats for full coverage, no topcoat.

Ultra Violet is such a bright berry purple, 2 coats no topcoat for the photo below.

Pool Party is such a unique colour. It photographs more blue than it appears but its lovely, a real muted blue/periwinkle blue. 2 coats, no topcoat for the photo below.

Joy Ride is a yummy mint green and needs only 2 coats for full coverage.

Overall this is a perfect collection. It is difficult to pick faves when each individual lacquer is so lovely.

I suggest you go get these lacquers now before they are discontinued. I can honestly say that they are all incredible and as a massive fan of bright colours there are none in this collection which won't get worn again and again.

Normally these lacquers retail for £7 but these are currently £3.50 each in the sale. £3.50!! WHAT A BARGAIN. Go and get yourself a payday treat, you will not regret it I promise.

Stay tuned for more amazing lacquers from this company, Emily certainly knows a thing or two about creating incredible lacquer collections.

Topper Tuesday

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Firstly, I know it's Wednesday but for some reason this post didn't go out as it was suppose to yesterday. I'll have to look at my blogger scheduling settings.

Today I bring you Topper Tuesday! A new feature for the blog which I would alternate with Tutorital Tuesdays. Topper Tuesdays will just showcase an interesting glitter polish topper but it will give me a chance to show some of the more unique glitters I have in my collection or that I buy in the future.

Today I have a Nails Inc Floral glitter topper called Richmond Gardens. I love how beautifully elegant the bottles are. When these were released I was very excited! However for £12 a go, I was a little hesitant to buy any. Thankfully I received this in a prize pack from winning the Grazia Manicure Monday Competition! Thank you Grazia!

This polish contains pale lime green, blue and white matte hex glitters in 2 sizes as well as white and blue flower shaped matte glitters in a clear base. Glitter coverage was good but I did need to fish the flowers out (which was easy) and then place them on the nail.

I layered this polish over Barry M Greenberry and it looks amazing. I used 1 coat of Richmond Gardens, plus the hand placed flowers and covered it with Glossy Glam. As you can see though the floral glitters stick up. I do have rather curved nails but even still the amount the stick up would not be smoothed with any amount of topcoat.


Overall I love this polish despite the sticky up flowers. There are 4 other floral polishes in this collection from Nails Inc and all beautiful in their own way. I will definitely look to buy the others at some point but will wait until they are cheaper than £12.

INNI Nail Wraps - Review

Sunday, 20 July 2014

 Press Sample
I was contacted by the lovely girls of INNI Nails to review their nail wraps. Before starting my blog I had never worn nails wraps but I am beginning to love them. Each set I try from different sellers has a unique look and I love seeing how they overcome the issue of sizing and the difficulties some people (maybe just me?) can have with application.
The girls behind INNI are amazing and were very quick to reply to any questions I had when it came to how best to apply their wraps.
I was sent 2 designs, and although they were very different from each other I really loved them both. In the package I received my 2 sets of wraps and a great nail file that has a very coarse texture, perfect for filing off those extra bits of wraps.
What was initially striking and really unique about INNI was that each wrap set has a total of 26 nail stickers with 13 different sizes for both hands. Everyone can find their perfect fit with these, whether you have tiny hands and nails, or larger hands and long nails like me. You also receive instructions on how to apply the nail stickers and measures for finding the correct size. I wrote down my nail sizes once I'd found the perfect fit so that next time I applied the wraps, I knew exactly which stickers to pick. Its a tiny thing, simple and very clever, but so useful.
Here are pictures of the two designs in my nails, I wore the first all week and it looked the same when I went to take it off on Friday. I wore the second design for the weekend and even with a night out and all the damage some crazy drunk dancing can do they still look fab!

 A bit about the brand:
Customisable INNI nail wraps are a new and unique way to achieve a flawless looking salon quality manicure for less than $20 and in as little as five minutes.
Launched in May 2014, INNI Nail Studio uses advanced graphic technology allowing beauty lovers to design their own nail stickers or select from thousands of designs that other INNI users have created. High fashion shapes, gradient colours, team logos, or even pet photos - everything is possible with INNI Nails.
Like gel polish but better, INNI nail stickers last looking perfect up to 14 days and don’t peel or chip even in water or hot temperatures! Created from extremely durable, chemical free and flexible vinyl, the wraps can be stretched to cover the entire nail surface and peel off to reposition, so a flawless wrinkle-free manicure can be created every time.

You can try it yourself here at www.inni.com and follow them on twitter @inninails as well as their Facebook page, Inni Nail Design and blog inninails.tumblr.com.
Overall I LOVE these nail wraps, the designs, sizing and free nail file are perfect. I am definitely keen to try creating some custom nail stickers and will make sure to give that a go soon.

Are you a fan of nail wraps? Do you think you'll try these?
Vicky xx
Press Sample

Nail Care Essentials

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

So I thought I would let you know what I consider to be my nail essentials. I know that this differs from person to person depending on taste and preference to smells and flavours of creams etc but here is what I use daily and always carry with me when I go away.


My polish remover of choice is from Superdrug I tend to buy the non-acetone formula as I use acetone separately and don't want it drying out my nails any more.
The blue bottle says it's 'gentle on nails and kinder to skin' and it costs £1.39
The pink bottle says it's 'nourishing and contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E' and it costs £1.39.

The good thing about Superdrug is they're BUAV approved, their products are NOT tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Also they do a lot of 3 for 2 offers!

I use acetone to clean up once I've done a manicure. You only need a tiny bit and even with the frequency I do my nails I find a bottle lasts ages. I buy mine for £1 from Poundland.

Nail Care

Orly Cutique is brilliant for cleaning up any buildup around your cuticles, it also removes extra cuticle skin and any slight staining that can occur white you're wearing a polish. I always start off a new week by applying this to my nails and giving them a good clean.
I brought my Orly Cutique from Nail Polish Direct. They sell 2 different size options; 9ml is £7 and 18ml is £9.80.

OPI Nail Envy is excellent as a base coat and strengthener, although it is very expensive. I got my bottle from John Lewis is a post Christmas sale when it was bogof. However TKMaxx sometimes stocks them and the OPI website as well as eBay are good for finding them slightly cheaper. It's def worth shopping around to get the best deal on this product.

I discovered how amazing Barry M's 3 in 1 clear polish was when I started using it between polishes when swatching. I tend to use it as an alternative to Nail Envy as it strengthens my nails really well and only costs £2.99 a bottle. Plus if you buy from Boots or Superdrug you can get them on offer and stock on up points.

My topcoat of choice at the moment is Rica's (@justricarda) Glossy Glam. Its amazing and so much easier to work with than Seche Vite. I prefer fast dry topcoats and always apply a topcoat to my manicures. Glossy Glam can be bought from Rica's etsy site if you live in the States and from
Color4Nails, Harlow and Co and Beauty So Fly for around $7.

Moisturising and Cuticle Care

Hand cream, a massive essential to hand care and nail maintenance. I keep tubes and bottles littered around the house so I always remember to use it.
I love Sainsbury's Intensive Hand Cream, it smells like 'holidays' and is so rich and creamy and only costs £1.50. I also adore OPI Avojuice in Coconut Melon as it has a pump on it so getting the cream is really easy. I like to keep a bottle of this by the sinks in my house so I always remember to put cream on after getting my hands wet. Again it's worth shopping around for these! However at the time of posting, Nail Polish Direct has all flavours bar Coconut Melon (which is £9.10) for only £6.90! Bargain.

I use Essie Apricot Cuticle oil to keep my cuticles nicely hydrated and looked after. Shop around for this as sometimes you can find it cheap or on sale.

Lush's Lemony Flutter is such a rich cream that I tend to use it as a hand mask in a similar fashion you would wear a face mask. I cover my nails in a thick layer and leave it on for 5-10mins before removing excess with a piece of kitchen roll. During the time its on I keep rubbing it in to my cuticles and around my nails and after any leftovers have been remover I rub in the remaining cream and have incredibly soft cuticles. You can buy this from Lush stores or online for £6.50 for a pot.


Finally I also take a Skin, Hair and Nail vitamin supplement daily to ensure I have all those vital micro nutrients which are tricky to keep an eye on. I have been using these for months now and my skin is great, hair has grown crazy long and my nails are not peeling or braking any more. However I can not be sure that it's all down to these pills, its probably a combination of everything.
I bought these pills from Superdrug for £4.99 for 30 (a months supply) and while they were on 3 for 2, so it only cost £9.98 for 90 pills or 3 months supply.

What are your nail essentials? Anything you can suggest I should try?

Vicky xx

Polish Alcoholic's Lovejoy - Swatches & Review

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Press Sample

I was contacted by the lovely Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic to see if I wanted to swatch a couple of her beautiful polishes and how could I refuse. Today I bring you Lovejoy which is a gorgeous red holographic polish which makes up part of the 6 piece Summer Collection 2014. The polishes in this collection are named after famous comets. I love the way indie makers take inspiration from the most unusual of sources to name their polishes and I adore the names of the polishes in this collection.

This polish is a real chameleon in that the colour looks SO different in different lights.

As with all holographic polishes it looks best outside in direct sunlight, this way you can see the holographic effect really nicely. The colour also looks a lot brighter, more cherry red than the deeper tones shown in darker light sources.

Polish Alcoholic Lovejoy in direct sunlight

Polish Alcoholic Lovejoy Macro in direct sunlight

In the shade you don't get the amazing sparkle of the spectraflair, however the colour deepens and looks so rich.

Polish Alcoholic Lovejoy in shade

Polish Alcoholic Lovejoy Macro in shade

Finally inside its appears quite dark and the holographic spectraflair looks more like a gorgeous glitter.

Polish Alcoholic Lovejoy inside

Polish Alcoholic Lovejoy Macro inside

Lovejoy is a 5-free polish, this is great as I hate the strong smell which comes with polishes that aren't free of all those nasty chemicals. The polish itself is wat I would call a jelly, it is a little sticky but not thick and is incredibly easy to apply. I found the brush was great for my curved nails and although the bottle is only 10ml, there is plenty for a lot of manicures as you only need 2 coats for full coverage as it's so pigmented. I found it dried quickly and the wear time was great.

You can buy Lovejoy from Sabrina's etsy store here for £6.96. Although she ships from the Netherlands, the shipping time is very reasonable and her packaging is adorable. My polishes came wrapped in tissue paper, tied with ribbons and labelled with the name of the polish - so cute!

You can also get 10% off your order (thank you) by using the code 10OFF. Go shop now!!

Make sure to check out the other polishes in this collection in her shop (they're gorgeous):
Hale-Bobb (flakies top coat)
McNaught (flakies top coat)

Find the Polish Alcoholic:
Blog = polishalcoholic.com
Twitter = @PolishAlcoholic
Instagram = @polish_alcoholic
Facebook = facebook.com/polishalcoholic
Youtube = youtube.com/user/polishalcoholic
Pinterest = pinterest.com/polishalcoholic
E-mail = polish.alcoholic@gmail.com
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YooMoo #guiltfreeze Nail Art Competition - The Winners

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The day has arrived where I get to announce the winners of my Yoomoo #guiltfreezetpl froyo inspired nail art competition. I can't believe I announced the start of this competition on the 17th June and it's over already. I have really enjoyed seeing every ones entries come rolling in over the last few weeks. They have been amazing and I have been so impressed with the quality, creativity and talent that my instagram followers have shown, consequently it made making the decision of who won really hard.

However I managed to pick 3 stunning entries from the 17 that I received and these are the wining designs. Elaine, Ruth and Lisa from instagram were the ladies with designs that just jumped out at me. Well done.

The prize for the winners is shown below, a bottle Nails Inc Udderly Shocking Pink (exclusive for this Yoomoo competition) and some yummy sweets. I have also included a few nail art extras to help the winners with future manicures.

Here is a quick collage of the amazing designs that were entered. I love the variety that was created, given that the theme was very specific, it's incredible how people interpret it differently. A really sincere thank you to everyone that took the time to enter, I really wish I could send each and every one of you a nail polish.

As well as being honoured to host this competition for Yoomoo, I am so thankful to them for introducing me to the most delicious froyo I have ever tasted. I shall be buying Yoomoo froyo for ages to come and can not wait to see what new flavours they bring out. I will also need to get myself to one of their yogurt bars to create my own @thepolishlist froyo!

The main winner of the #guiltfreeze competition will be announced soon and I really hope the winner is amongst the worthy entries above! Good luck to all.

Thank you all again & keep painting amazing nail art!

Models Own HyperGels Vs. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine

Friday, 11 July 2014

At home 'gel' style polish is a massive trend, this year especially and a lot of brands are bringing out more and more non UV gel style polishes. These tend to have a thicker consistency and can be more difficult to apply if you are not careful, however they are super pigmented and have an amazing shine to them when dry.
Models Own have now got 15 HyperGel polishes and Barry M have a massive 28 Gelly Hi-Shines and considering these are the 2 biggest high street nail polish brands I thought it might be nice to do a comparison of their gel style colours. I have grouped similar colours together so you can easily see how similar or different they are.
All the swatches on my nails are in the same order as the first picture of the set showing the bottle shot so I will only type out the names once. I have also created a collage showing the swatch with each of the bottles. Sometimes colours are very different on the nail than in the bottle and so this helps you identify again which is which and see the difference between them.
Prepare yourself for a colour explosion!
The Orange/Corals
Barry M - Satsuma
Models Own - Summer Solstice
Barry M - Papaya
Models Own - Coral Glaze

The Reds
Barry M - Passion Fruit
Models Own - Watermelon
Models Own - Red Lustre
Barry M - Blood Orange


The Magentas
Models Own - Sundress
Barry M - Pomegranate

The Dark Pinks
Models Own - Searing Pink
Barry M - Grapefruit
Models Own - Cerise Shine
Barry M - Pink Punch

The Light Pinks
Barry M - Rosehip
Models Own - Pink Veneer
Barry M - Dragon Fruit

The Nudes
Barry M - Lychee
Models Own - Naked Glow

The Greens
Barry M - Kiwi
Models Own - Turquoise Gloss
Barry M - Greenberry
Barry M - Sugar Apple

The Teals
Models Own - Blue Glint
Barry M - Guava

The Light Blues
Models Own - Cornflower Gleam
Barry M - Blueberry

The Purples
Models Own - Lilac Sheen
Barry M - Prickly Pear
Models Own - Purple Glare
Barry M - Plum

I have left a few Barry M colours out because they are not similar to any of the Models Own colours. I have done a comparison of Barry M polishes here, so go have a look at those if you are interested in the other colours.

I hope this has been useful, as you can see there are very few similar colours across the two brands within the same colour category. The most similar being the nudes and the light blues.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Vicky x

P.S. Isn't the rainbow of colours so pretty. Here is a little altogether collage to show off the beautiful colours!

Models Own Hyper Gel Vs Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine
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