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Sunday, 20 July 2014

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I was contacted by the lovely girls of INNI Nails to review their nail wraps. Before starting my blog I had never worn nails wraps but I am beginning to love them. Each set I try from different sellers has a unique look and I love seeing how they overcome the issue of sizing and the difficulties some people (maybe just me?) can have with application.
The girls behind INNI are amazing and were very quick to reply to any questions I had when it came to how best to apply their wraps.
I was sent 2 designs, and although they were very different from each other I really loved them both. In the package I received my 2 sets of wraps and a great nail file that has a very coarse texture, perfect for filing off those extra bits of wraps.
What was initially striking and really unique about INNI was that each wrap set has a total of 26 nail stickers with 13 different sizes for both hands. Everyone can find their perfect fit with these, whether you have tiny hands and nails, or larger hands and long nails like me. You also receive instructions on how to apply the nail stickers and measures for finding the correct size. I wrote down my nail sizes once I'd found the perfect fit so that next time I applied the wraps, I knew exactly which stickers to pick. Its a tiny thing, simple and very clever, but so useful.
Here are pictures of the two designs in my nails, I wore the first all week and it looked the same when I went to take it off on Friday. I wore the second design for the weekend and even with a night out and all the damage some crazy drunk dancing can do they still look fab!

 A bit about the brand:
Customisable INNI nail wraps are a new and unique way to achieve a flawless looking salon quality manicure for less than $20 and in as little as five minutes.
Launched in May 2014, INNI Nail Studio uses advanced graphic technology allowing beauty lovers to design their own nail stickers or select from thousands of designs that other INNI users have created. High fashion shapes, gradient colours, team logos, or even pet photos - everything is possible with INNI Nails.
Like gel polish but better, INNI nail stickers last looking perfect up to 14 days and don’t peel or chip even in water or hot temperatures! Created from extremely durable, chemical free and flexible vinyl, the wraps can be stretched to cover the entire nail surface and peel off to reposition, so a flawless wrinkle-free manicure can be created every time.

You can try it yourself here at and follow them on twitter @inninails as well as their Facebook page, Inni Nail Design and blog
Overall I LOVE these nail wraps, the designs, sizing and free nail file are perfect. I am definitely keen to try creating some custom nail stickers and will make sure to give that a go soon.

Are you a fan of nail wraps? Do you think you'll try these?
Vicky xx
Press Sample

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