Models Own Summer Hypergels - Swatches & Review

Monday, 7 July 2014

Models Own have really upped their nail game in the last couple of years and every new polish they release is a must have for me. I adore their collections, their cute caps and their inventive colour names. I recently received The Pink Nail Mail Box from the lovely @Shakun_05 on Instagram which contained 3 of the newer summer HyperGels. I then finished off the 5 piece when the had their 6 for £20 offer.

HyperGels are Models Own version of a Gel polish and these 5 new colours total this collection at 15 beautiful, shiny colours. I have swatched the original 10 but before I had my blog. I think I'll do a #tbt post for them as they are gorgeous.

Purple Glare is the a gorgeous grape polish. I used 2 clear easy coats for full coverage and the shine on this is stunning. The formula was a little thinner than other HyperGels which made it easy to apply.

Models Own Purple Glare

Sundress is a lovely rich cerise. It is possibly my favourite HyperGel out of all of them. I used 2 coats, no topcoat for the photo below.

Models Own Sundress

Searing Pink is an amazing hot bubblegum. Its a beautiful polish, again I needed only 2 coats, no topcoat for the photo below.

Models Own Searing Pink

Watermelon is the perfect name for this polish. Its a deep coral toned red which looks just like a watermelon. If you love red polishes this is a perfect summer nuance which will look great in the sunshine. I needed 2 coats of this polish, no topcoat for the photo below.

Models Own Watermelon

Summer Solstice is a lovely sunset, peachy orange. I adore these bright citrus colours. I used 2 coats, no topcoats for the photo below.

Models Own Summer Solstice

Overall these colours are stunning. I actually can't believe I've waited so long to get them but I thought they all looked very similar. How wrong I was. I hope these swatches show their awesomeness, the colours are a great addition to what I hope will be an ever growing collection of HyperGels. I'd like to see Models Own add a bright green and yellow to the HyperGel collection but whatever they release I am sure to love.

You can get all 5 of these polishes from the Models Own website for £5 each or from Models Own bottle shops, search your nearest stockist here.


  1. Wow I'm in love with three of these! I had no idea this collection could get any better! xx

    1. Which 3? They are all gorgeous xx

  2. I need that purple in my life Vicky. I love all your swatches :)

    1. It's slightly more purple in real life but it is stunning x

  3. Love your swatches! I'm intrigued, have you tried China Glaze Spontaneous? If so, how does it compare to Purple Glare? X


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