Rica, Unicorns in Technicolour Collection - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 3 July 2014

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Ricarda (@justricarda) was the catalyst for my nail polish obsession. She was the first person to do nail mail with me and since then she's been such a great friend. The instagram nail community has some real gems and she is one of them. It was no surprise to me that she started making her own polish after she released her nail plates and hugely successful Glossy Glam topcoat.

Today I have the amazing Unicorns in Technicolour Collection. This 4 piece of glitter bomb is stunning. Each polish has a unique look but as a collection it really works. Rica has developed her own, rather cheeky way of naming her polishes which I LOVE.

Bottled Unicorn Fart is so beautiful. I love the small pieces of blue, pink, green & yellow neon glitter and can vividly imagine puffs of this glitter mix exiting a unicorn butt every time it farts. I used one coat over pink, yes one coat, this is very glitter dense and so easy to apply.

They Sneeze Cotton Candy is a gorgeous pastel pinky-lavender choc full of circular glitters of many sizes in blue, purple and holo. I used 3 thin coats for the swatch below as these polishes look best when they're layered.

Unicorn Dandruff is a bright mix of green squares, blue hex and small white hex glitters. As soon as I saw this in the bottle it reminded me of a green salsa, its so citrusy so I had to wear it over orange. I used 1 coat for the photo below, again this is very glitter dense.

She Tinkled Sprinkles is the last of this collection. It has a fun selection of bright coloured shaped glitter in a milky white base. On one nail I had stars and diamonds and on another there was circles and hex glitters, it is stunning. I used 3 thin coats for the photo below but I think this would work better with 2 thicker coats as the base is very opaque and I was just painting over the pretty glitter when I applied the 3rd coat.

What an incredible collection. I am also loving Rica's new bottles and the long lids are perfect for my fingers. You can buy these polishes from Rica's etsy site here for £5.39 each as she ships to the UK which is great for a US indie brand.

Press Sample


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