Topper Tuesday

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Firstly, I know it's Wednesday but for some reason this post didn't go out as it was suppose to yesterday. I'll have to look at my blogger scheduling settings.

Today I bring you Topper Tuesday! A new feature for the blog which I would alternate with Tutorital Tuesdays. Topper Tuesdays will just showcase an interesting glitter polish topper but it will give me a chance to show some of the more unique glitters I have in my collection or that I buy in the future.

Today I have a Nails Inc Floral glitter topper called Richmond Gardens. I love how beautifully elegant the bottles are. When these were released I was very excited! However for £12 a go, I was a little hesitant to buy any. Thankfully I received this in a prize pack from winning the Grazia Manicure Monday Competition! Thank you Grazia!

This polish contains pale lime green, blue and white matte hex glitters in 2 sizes as well as white and blue flower shaped matte glitters in a clear base. Glitter coverage was good but I did need to fish the flowers out (which was easy) and then place them on the nail.

I layered this polish over Barry M Greenberry and it looks amazing. I used 1 coat of Richmond Gardens, plus the hand placed flowers and covered it with Glossy Glam. As you can see though the floral glitters stick up. I do have rather curved nails but even still the amount the stick up would not be smoothed with any amount of topcoat.


Overall I love this polish despite the sticky up flowers. There are 4 other floral polishes in this collection from Nails Inc and all beautiful in their own way. I will definitely look to buy the others at some point but will wait until they are cheaper than £12.


  1. That topper polish looks really cute especially the colour combination of it! Sadly the flowers sticking out would annoy me too much. :S

    1. It is annoying, the glitter pieces are quite thick. I could have pressed them into the polish more but that would have been odd. However I am a sucker for novelty polishes :) x


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