ASDA George Fruit Crush Polishes

Friday, 29 August 2014

The day after my holiday I visited the supermarket to grab some groceries and found these 4 bright textured polishes. I usually don't look twice at the George polishes on display as there is always other brands in the supermarket I would look at, however these were a bright gem on a cold, dull, wet day and they caught my eye. I am definitely not ready to give up on summer yet, plus I can never pass up the opportunity to get some new textured polishes so here they are in all their bold, coloured glory.

All the polishes applied very easily and dried pretty quickly. I found that thin coats worked best to keep the textured finish strong.

Peach Crush is a bright peach textured polish. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

ASDA George Peach Crush

ASDA George Peach Crush

ASDA George Peach Crush Macro

Watermelon Crush is a stunningly bright magenta, my fave kind of colour. I used 2 coats for the photos below but could have got away with one.

ASDA George Watermelon Crush

ASDA George Watermelon Crush

ASDA George Watermelon Crush Macro

Kiwi Crush is a lovely bright mint green. I used 3 coats for the photo below as the formula was a little sheer.

ASDA George Kiwi Crush

ASDA George Kiwi Crush

ASDA George Kiwi Crush Macro

Passionfruit Crush is a lovely berry violet colour. I used 2 coats for the photos below but like Watermelon I could have got away with just one.

ASDA George Passionfruit Crush

ASDA George Passionfruit Crush

ASDA George Passionfruit Crush Macro
Overall these polishes are a big surprise for me and I have to say I love them. They were a tad expensive compared to others by George at £3 each, however I feel they are worth it. Would you ever buy a supermarket nail polish? I am going to be spending a little more time browsing the George range next time I am in ASDA to see what else they sell.

Variete Duochromes - Polishes From Russia

Thursday, 28 August 2014

While on my travels I was looking for nail polishes that were different to any I had OR totally gorgeous and the ones I have to show you today are from the latter category.

Variete nail polishes grabbed my attention instantly as they looked very Chanel like on the shelves. They had many different colours but it was the duochromes that I knew were coming home with me. I picked up 3 different colours; burlesque vert, burlesque cyan & burlesque grenat

Burlesque Vert is a stunning Gold to Green dupchrome. A classic duochrome polish that applies like a dream. I used 2 photos for the photos below.


Look how amazing the macro is, this polish is gorgeous.

Burlesque Cyan has to be one of my favourite duochrome combinations - Blue to Purple. Although it is similar to Rimmel's Metal Rush Royal Blue, the formaula of this polish is far thicker and therefore you need less coats. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Again the macros show this beautiful shift.

Burlesque Grenat is possibly my fave of the 3. The shift from Plum through to Gold is incredible and it also shows off many colours in between such as amber and bronze. I do not have anything like this polish in my stash so I am very please I picked it up. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Can I get an ahhhhh! This polish is amazing!

These polishes were 249 roubles each which is about £4. Def worth the money, despite the fact that these polishes were bought from the shop with the hideous customer service. I have not done any research into where you can buy these polishes online or even if they are available in other countries so please leave a comment below if you know anything.

So my love affair with duochromes continues. Are you also a fan? What is your fave duochrome?

Welcome Back

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

So I've been home from my cruise for a few days and have just started up The Polish List again. It's amazing how relaxed you get on holiday, esp while on a cruise, and how easy it is to NOT have time for the million things you used to fit into your life before you went away.

I had an absolutely amazing time on holiday, if anyone has ever cruised, you'll know how instantly relaxing the whole experience is. Its such a luxurious way to travel. I visited Copenhagen, Saaremaa, Talin (Tallinn), St Petersburg, Stockholm, Sassnitz and travelled down the Kiel Canal and every time I got off the boat, the hunt was on for polish. I didn't buy very much, mainly because I have a huge amount already, but what I did is shown below.

As you can see it's a pretty pitiful haul, however after I had the worst shopping experience ever in Russia, a major dampener was put on my polish hunt. I loved St Petersburg but I have vowed to never return to one store after the lady snatched the basket off me, stood in the middle of the room, watched me like a hawk and kept asking 'are you done?' every time I put an item in the basket. I honestly wish I had just walked out and left her there as she made me feel like a criminal, plus not one little smile crossed her constipated face the whole time. Luckily this was a one off and the rest of holiday passed incident free! Have you ever had a bad shopping experience while on holiday? It's a horrible feeling which can taint the trip.

I will get swatches of the polishes up asap. For now I leave you with a little collage of some photos of my trip!

Tutorial Tuesday - Ikat Nails

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

I can't believe it's Tuesday again, these weeks are rolling past so quickly. As I did Topper Tuesday last week I thought I would do a quick tutorial for you guys.

Seeing as the recent challenge for #nailartaug was Ikat, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a little tutorial for this technique. I have never worn Ikat nails before so I was so happy with how easy they were to do.

Here is my finished mani, I didn't want to put the Ikat pattern on all my nails so used the two colours (picked by my boyfriend) from the design as plain nail accents and just added black studs to bring the design together. However how you set your mani out is up to you, I've seen so many amazing designs and colour combos that your imagination really is the limit.

I decided to use Barry M White, Black, Damson and Foil Gold for this design. The majority of the Ikat designs I have seen use black as the outline colour. Again, this is not the rule so do whatever you like.

The steps needed to create this mani are very easy.

1. Paint your nail in the base colour.
2. Roughly paint on triangle shapes (using the nail polish brush) in a different colour.
3. Outline the triangles with thin lines using a cocktail stick or thin brush in black, the rougher the edges here the better!
4. Add in your second colour to the centre of your triangle.
5. Add in a black mini triangle to finish the design, cleanup, topcoat and you're done!

It's as easy as that. I will definitely be wearing this design again and will no doubt try it out in all sorts of colours and variations.
Will you be giving Ikat nails a go? Please let me know if this tutorial helped you.

Barry M 2014 Collections So Far & My 5 Fave Nail Paints

Sunday, 3 August 2014

2014 has been a busy year for UK high street nail polish brands. New Collections and additions have been released in a constant flow since the new year, so I thought I would do an overview of the collections and my fave 5 polishes starting with Barry M.

In February Barry M released the Silk Collection and 3 new additions to the Gelly Hi-Shine Collection. These collections, full of sugary sweet pastels were a nice fresh way to start the new year and came just in time for Easter.

March was the month Barry M released their amazing Aquarium Collection. I am the biggest fan of duochromes and least one of my faves from Barry M this year is from this collection.

In April Superdrug celebrated it's 50th Birthday and Barry M created a special limited edition nail paint in honour. I loved this surprise release and really hope it's the start of many glittery jelly nail paints from Barry M.

May saw Barry M adding 7 more additions to their Gelly Hi-Shine Collection with some surprising shades in there for a summer release. Still no white or yellow for this Collection, maybe they're in the pipe line for autumn/winter?

In June some new summer nail paints were added to the successful Matte Collection and the Summer Limited Editions for Boots and Superdrug were released with some extra cute lids as always. Since they released the first 5 Matte nail paints last autumn I have been hoping that Barry M would add some new ones and I was not disappointed in these 6 bright shades. The summer limited editions were great and I loved how they gave us some cremes and shimmers.

And that's it, it's safe to say my fave collection is without a doubt the Aquarium Collection. The 4 duochromes and 2 glitters were perfect and Barry M nailed it on colour and presentation. What has been your favourite 2014 collection from Barry M?

Now on to my Top 5 nail paints from Barry M this year. I totally got this idea from Lauren of TheNailyMail who did a similar post, which you can read here. Although she couldn't narrow it down to 5 (I understand why, there's been so many), I have managed to. Although I could easily have made this a top 10 post (but I'll save that for the end of the year).

In no order my Top 5 are:
Arabian (from the Aquarium Collection).
Mediterranean (from the Aquarium Collection).
Superdrug's 50th Birthday Nail Paint.
Coconut (from the Summer Gelly Hi-Shine Collection).
Seaside (from the Summer Limited Editions, Superdrug releases).

What are your Top 5 Barry M nail paints from 2014 so far? Could you do a Top 5 fave Barry M nail paints ever? I don't think I could.

All my Barry M nail paints are purchased from Boots or Superdrug. If you're international Barry M online does offer international shipping so please check to see if they ship to your country. There are also other independent websites and sellers around the world which also stock Barry M, however I do not have a comprehensive list of these for each country so please search for yourself and then post a comment below to help others find these amazing nail paints.

Monthly Challenge Round Up - June & July (Ooops)

Friday, 1 August 2014

End of the month again! These 7 months of 2014 have flown by. It seems I forgot to include a post at the end of June with my monthly roundup, so I am tagging it on at the start of this post.

As usual here are the manis I created for +CaliforNAILS #nailartjun.

It's difficult to pick my fave as they were all really nice but I do love the dolly mixture nails and the picnic nails!

Seeing at the end of June marked the end of the first half of the year I put together a collage of my #nailart... challenges so far, and yes I have completed every one! Result.

Even within these 6 months I can see how much my nail art has improved, I have also managed to find the right nail are routine to keep my nails nice and strong. I can not possibly pick a fave from all these but I do think that May was a good month, I tried lots of new techniques and seemed to hit my nail art stride.

On to #nailartjul, although I finished this challenge a day late I like the manis created with the themes. It does seem I had a bit of a thing for yellow and blue though.

July has been an amazing month for me, I have won a few competitions (including the amazing Yoomoo holiday competition) and it was also my birthday in there somewhere. My fave from this month is possibly the Instagram nails and the frozen treats nails.

I thought I would also quickly add some of my other fave manis from July which were not done for the challenge.

I had to include the first time I tried one stroke flowers and of course my amazing mani swap with Hayley of @nailsbypurple. Her gradient and heart mani was beautiful but it took me ages, and I mean like '3 Disney movie' ages!

So there we go, August looks like a good month and although I am on holiday for some of it I will continue to post manis when I can!

Which was your fave mani from this month? Have you also completed 7 of these #nailart challenges?

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