Barry M 2014 Collections So Far & My 5 Fave Nail Paints

Sunday, 3 August 2014

2014 has been a busy year for UK high street nail polish brands. New Collections and additions have been released in a constant flow since the new year, so I thought I would do an overview of the collections and my fave 5 polishes starting with Barry M.

In February Barry M released the Silk Collection and 3 new additions to the Gelly Hi-Shine Collection. These collections, full of sugary sweet pastels were a nice fresh way to start the new year and came just in time for Easter.

March was the month Barry M released their amazing Aquarium Collection. I am the biggest fan of duochromes and least one of my faves from Barry M this year is from this collection.

In April Superdrug celebrated it's 50th Birthday and Barry M created a special limited edition nail paint in honour. I loved this surprise release and really hope it's the start of many glittery jelly nail paints from Barry M.

May saw Barry M adding 7 more additions to their Gelly Hi-Shine Collection with some surprising shades in there for a summer release. Still no white or yellow for this Collection, maybe they're in the pipe line for autumn/winter?

In June some new summer nail paints were added to the successful Matte Collection and the Summer Limited Editions for Boots and Superdrug were released with some extra cute lids as always. Since they released the first 5 Matte nail paints last autumn I have been hoping that Barry M would add some new ones and I was not disappointed in these 6 bright shades. The summer limited editions were great and I loved how they gave us some cremes and shimmers.

And that's it, it's safe to say my fave collection is without a doubt the Aquarium Collection. The 4 duochromes and 2 glitters were perfect and Barry M nailed it on colour and presentation. What has been your favourite 2014 collection from Barry M?

Now on to my Top 5 nail paints from Barry M this year. I totally got this idea from Lauren of TheNailyMail who did a similar post, which you can read here. Although she couldn't narrow it down to 5 (I understand why, there's been so many), I have managed to. Although I could easily have made this a top 10 post (but I'll save that for the end of the year).

In no order my Top 5 are:
Arabian (from the Aquarium Collection).
Mediterranean (from the Aquarium Collection).
Superdrug's 50th Birthday Nail Paint.
Coconut (from the Summer Gelly Hi-Shine Collection).
Seaside (from the Summer Limited Editions, Superdrug releases).

What are your Top 5 Barry M nail paints from 2014 so far? Could you do a Top 5 fave Barry M nail paints ever? I don't think I could.

All my Barry M nail paints are purchased from Boots or Superdrug. If you're international Barry M online does offer international shipping so please check to see if they ship to your country. There are also other independent websites and sellers around the world which also stock Barry M, however I do not have a comprehensive list of these for each country so please search for yourself and then post a comment below to help others find these amazing nail paints.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention Vicky!

    It's nice to see other people's favourites :) Narrowing it down to 6 was so hard, I think I should have done a Top 10 instead! x

    1. Of course! Such a great idea for a post. I struggled to narrow it down. Top 10 at the end of the year will be tricky for me x


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