Monthly Challenge Round Up - June & July (Ooops)

Friday, 1 August 2014

End of the month again! These 7 months of 2014 have flown by. It seems I forgot to include a post at the end of June with my monthly roundup, so I am tagging it on at the start of this post.

As usual here are the manis I created for +CaliforNAILS #nailartjun.

It's difficult to pick my fave as they were all really nice but I do love the dolly mixture nails and the picnic nails!

Seeing at the end of June marked the end of the first half of the year I put together a collage of my #nailart... challenges so far, and yes I have completed every one! Result.

Even within these 6 months I can see how much my nail art has improved, I have also managed to find the right nail are routine to keep my nails nice and strong. I can not possibly pick a fave from all these but I do think that May was a good month, I tried lots of new techniques and seemed to hit my nail art stride.

On to #nailartjul, although I finished this challenge a day late I like the manis created with the themes. It does seem I had a bit of a thing for yellow and blue though.

July has been an amazing month for me, I have won a few competitions (including the amazing Yoomoo holiday competition) and it was also my birthday in there somewhere. My fave from this month is possibly the Instagram nails and the frozen treats nails.

I thought I would also quickly add some of my other fave manis from July which were not done for the challenge.

I had to include the first time I tried one stroke flowers and of course my amazing mani swap with Hayley of @nailsbypurple. Her gradient and heart mani was beautiful but it took me ages, and I mean like '3 Disney movie' ages!

So there we go, August looks like a good month and although I am on holiday for some of it I will continue to post manis when I can!

Which was your fave mani from this month? Have you also completed 7 of these #nailart challenges?


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