Tutorial Tuesday - Ikat Nails

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

I can't believe it's Tuesday again, these weeks are rolling past so quickly. As I did Topper Tuesday last week I thought I would do a quick tutorial for you guys.

Seeing as the recent challenge for #nailartaug was Ikat, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a little tutorial for this technique. I have never worn Ikat nails before so I was so happy with how easy they were to do.

Here is my finished mani, I didn't want to put the Ikat pattern on all my nails so used the two colours (picked by my boyfriend) from the design as plain nail accents and just added black studs to bring the design together. However how you set your mani out is up to you, I've seen so many amazing designs and colour combos that your imagination really is the limit.

I decided to use Barry M White, Black, Damson and Foil Gold for this design. The majority of the Ikat designs I have seen use black as the outline colour. Again, this is not the rule so do whatever you like.

The steps needed to create this mani are very easy.

1. Paint your nail in the base colour.
2. Roughly paint on triangle shapes (using the nail polish brush) in a different colour.
3. Outline the triangles with thin lines using a cocktail stick or thin brush in black, the rougher the edges here the better!
4. Add in your second colour to the centre of your triangle.
5. Add in a black mini triangle to finish the design, cleanup, topcoat and you're done!

It's as easy as that. I will definitely be wearing this design again and will no doubt try it out in all sorts of colours and variations.
Will you be giving Ikat nails a go? Please let me know if this tutorial helped you.


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