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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

So I've been home from my cruise for a few days and have just started up The Polish List again. It's amazing how relaxed you get on holiday, esp while on a cruise, and how easy it is to NOT have time for the million things you used to fit into your life before you went away.

I had an absolutely amazing time on holiday, if anyone has ever cruised, you'll know how instantly relaxing the whole experience is. Its such a luxurious way to travel. I visited Copenhagen, Saaremaa, Talin (Tallinn), St Petersburg, Stockholm, Sassnitz and travelled down the Kiel Canal and every time I got off the boat, the hunt was on for polish. I didn't buy very much, mainly because I have a huge amount already, but what I did is shown below.

As you can see it's a pretty pitiful haul, however after I had the worst shopping experience ever in Russia, a major dampener was put on my polish hunt. I loved St Petersburg but I have vowed to never return to one store after the lady snatched the basket off me, stood in the middle of the room, watched me like a hawk and kept asking 'are you done?' every time I put an item in the basket. I honestly wish I had just walked out and left her there as she made me feel like a criminal, plus not one little smile crossed her constipated face the whole time. Luckily this was a one off and the rest of holiday passed incident free! Have you ever had a bad shopping experience while on holiday? It's a horrible feeling which can taint the trip.

I will get swatches of the polishes up asap. For now I leave you with a little collage of some photos of my trip!

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  1. That woman sounds like a cow. Lovely pics btw:)


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