Gosh - SS15 Nail Lacquers

Monday, 23 February 2015

PR Sample

On the 3rd February Gosh launched their Spring/Summer 15 collection and although I was invited, I was unable to attend - massive boo. I watched pictures of the event pop up on Instagram all night with tears in my eyes. Sometimes I think London is the place to be if you're a blogger! Thankfully Gosh said they would send some of the products on to me, so I waited patiently stalked the postman, until they arrived today. Although I am not a beauty blogger and have no idea how to go about showing you the products I can honestly say they are great.

Gish Cosmetics New SS15 Products

So onto the nail lacquers. There were 7 new colours released (launch was on the 11th February in Superdrug but I have only found them online) and I was sent 3 of them. 

Gosh Cosmetics Snow White, Sunkissed and Moroccan Night Nail Lacquers

Like the new Barry M Speedy Quick Dry nail paints (review of them here), Gosh has rolled out new flat, big brushes and I LOVE them. 

Gosh Cosmetics New Nail Lacquer Brush

Snow White is a simple white creme. The formula looks like heaven on the bottle, however it is a little tricky to apply. I would suggest you have no oil on your nail prior to application, so buff it a little and the first coat should apply evenly. I used 2 thick coats for this swatch, as I was too impatient for thin coats.

Gosh Cosmetics Snow White Nail Lacquer

Sunkissed is a bright peachy coral creme, which leans slightly neon. My camera had trouble picking up the true brightness. This is a colour I associate with summer and I can see this on my nails while I sip Daiquiris on the beach. Keep an eye out for a #nailsandmydrink picture in a few months.

Gosh Cosmetics Sunkissed Nail Lacquer

Moroccan Night is a dark dusky mauve creme. Its mature and brooding and although the dusky tones fit well with the general theme of polish releases this spring, its more of a autumn/winter shade. The formula on this was stunning and if you have little nails, I can see you needing only 1 coat, however I needed 2.

Gosh Cosmetics Moroccan Night Nail Lacquer

Fancy Buying Them 

These polishes are on sale right now in Superdrug priced at £3.99 each. I would highly recommend the latter 2, but Snow White is not the easiest of whites to apply so I would stick to your current fave.

All the other beautiful makeup products are also on sale now.
Buy Forever Lip Shine for £6.99 here.
Buy No Limit Mascara for £8.49 here.
Buy Eyelight Trio Eyeshadows for £6.99 here.

Make sure to follow Gosh on Instagram (@lovegoshuk) and Twitter (@goshuk).

On a side note, I have visited both my local Superdrugs and neither had the other 4 (what is up with that?). So for now, while my online order is processed, I can only look at this photo and drool. From L-R Pretty Ballerina, Apple Bloom, French Dream & Sea Foam.

If you're curious to know what these look like, I will refer you to a gorgeous post by the equally gorgeous girls from Dahlia Nails. Read it here.

So what are your thoughts? Which are your faves? Let me know if you have any or are planning on getting any.

Kandy Colors - Review

Saturday, 21 February 2015

PR Sample

The last year or so has seen the UK produce some amazing indie brands ... and about time too. American and Australian indies have been running the show for a long time and although we can buy their beautiful polishes through sites such as Rainbow Connection, we pay a high price for it. I am so pleased therefore, that we have some amazing homegrown indies to chose from as well. The more the merrier.

At first I thought Kandy Colors was an American brand due to the way they spell 'color', so don't be fooled by it, as I was.. As with all indie brands, they have a love for polish and understand our addiction passion. I love that the indie brands can bring out really unique and interesting collections. Kandy Colors is no different, they currently have 6 stunning collections for sale with over 70 individual colours.

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses, Perry Peach and Vanilla Oil

I have 2 colours from 2 different collections to show you today.

First up is Gunz & Roses from the Glamorous Gems collection. It's a beautiful polish that's good to go in 3 coats, or you could use 1 over another polish as a topper. It is made up of what looks like (I can't quite tell) magenta, navy, purple and holographic micro hex glitters in a purple tinged base. It has a thick formula (prob due to the glitter density) but it applies well and dries quickly.

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses Macro

The polish dries with a semi matte finish which I love.

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses

If you're no a fan of the matte glitter look then 1 coat of topcoat will add a dazzling shine, which really brightens the glitters.

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses with Topcoat

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses with Topcoat

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses with Topcoat

You can buy Gunz & Roses here for £5.20.

Next up I have Perry Peach from the Crelly-Pastel Collection. This type of polish is great for jelly-sandwich style manis. Because of this I needed 3 coats for full coverage. The formula is as good as you could want, it's smooth and applies easily. I love this colour, its a very neutral peach tone which is a great alternative to the usual beige nude polish.

Kandy Colors Perry Peach

Kandy Colors Perry Peach

You can buy Perry Peach here for £4.20.

Lastly I was sent some of their Replenishing Cuticle Oils to try out. I received the vanilla scent but there's also coconut, jasmine rose and baby powder. The oil itself is lovely, it rubs in easily, has no stickiness and leaves a beautiful scent on your nails for a long time after ... not to mention really moisturising your cuticles.

Kandy Colors Vanilla Replenishing Cuticle Oil

You only get a tiny amount, 3ml for £1.20 which for me would be gone in a week tops. However it does mean you can try lots of different scents. I really hope that Kandy Colors eventually sells these in a bigger bottle, as I know that I go through this stuff at a stupid speed and would rather buy a larger bottle.

So what do you think of these polishes? The quality is brilliant and the customer service excellent.

You can find browse the range of Kandy Colors polishes on their website and also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Models Own Colour Chrome - Swatches & Review

Sunday, 15 February 2015

PR Sample

I wanted to save this post until Valentines was over, not sure why but it seemed like a great idea when I was planning my posts, so today I bring you Models Own Colour Chromes. I know you've seen them before, I have no doubt you even picked some up in the recent sale (please can we have another one soon Models Own) but I would like you to humour me for a bit, look at my pictures and read until the end. Thank you.

Models Own Colour Chrome Collection

OK, before we move on with this post I have a nail confession I need to get off my chest, I really dislike foil polishes, like really dislike. When this collection was first released, I was more excited by the bottles than what was inside them. If I'm very honest, that hasn't totally changed, but I am loving the polish a lot more. It's saying a huge amount about this collection that I have warmed to foils, it's only a slight thaw, but its monumental as far as I am concerned. I may even use a few after this post goes live!

Application Tips:

  • Firstly I applied a coat of seche vite before swatching these polishes to try and smooth out any bumps on my nail surface. It meant that application was a dream, however I can not guarantee a long wear time, as topcoat on a plain nail usually chips off quickly (for me).
  • Secondly, these polishes dry quickly! If you don't apply them at super speed, the first swipe you put down will have dried slightly by the time you go to even up and then it'll drag and you'll need to start over,
  • Thirdly, make sure there is a good amount of polish on the brush before you apply, because it dries quickly you don't really have time to go back to the bottle to top it up.
  • Lastly, shake the bottle, I applied 1 coat of Rose without shaking and it looked like silver and red streaks. Pretty but not what I wanted.
Onto the polishes:

Chrome Blue is a gorgeous light cyan/sky cross. I used 1 coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Blue

Models Own Chrome Blue

Chrome Indigo is a lilac toned deep cornflower blue. I was so surprised with this colour, it's gorgeous on and made my top 4.1 coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Indigo

Models Own Chrome Indigo

Chrome Mauve is a bright amethyst colour. Again I needed only 1 coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Mauve

Models Own Chrome Mauve

Chrome Pink is a very soft pink with lilac undertones. 1 coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Pink

Models Own Chrome Pink

Chrome Cerise is bright, bold and beautiful. Clearly this colour has made my top 4, it may even be my overall fave. I used 1 smooth coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Cerise

Models Own Chrome Cerise

Chrome Green is a typical green colour. Application was lovely and I needed 1 coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Green

Models Own Chrome Green

Chrome Olive is a green tinged gold. Its very similar to Chrome Gold but that tiny difference is amazing. This is one of the most unique shades I've seen released this year, across all brands. I know that a lot of people who bought these polishes, tended to admit it from their shopping basket... big mistake. For this is much nicer than Gold and for that it makes my top 4. I used 1 coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Olive

Models Own Chrome Olive

Chrome Gold is a bright Gold. I used 1 coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Gold

Models Own Chrome Gold

Chrome Rose is undoubtedly gorgeous, it's slightly more coppery than the bottle leads you to believe, but looks like Rose Gold on. I love it. It is probably the most popular from the collection and with good reason. It snaps up my last space in my top 4. I used 1 coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Rose

Models Own Chrome Rose

Chrome Silver is ... uh well silver. I used 2 coats as it was sheer on the first coat, no topcoat.

Models Own Chrome Silver

Models Own Chrome Silver

So, my 4 faves are Cerise, Indigo, Rose and Olive.

Models Own Chrome Cerise, Indigo, Rose and Olive
Before I go I thought I would show you a quick comparison of some of the similar colours.

Models Own Chrome Indigo & Blue comparison
Models Own Chrome Mauve & Pink comparison
Models Own Chrome Olive & Gold comparison

You buy these for £4.99 from Models Own online or Superdrug.

.S. I know a lot of people were interested in their 'Stamping' capabilities, however I am not a fan of stamping at all and so have no interest in them for that. I will however be trying water marble with them.

P.P.S I left all the uneven bits on the swatches and didn't edit them out, even though I was very tempted, as I think that most of you will experience this when applying and I didn't want you thinking they were going to look perfectly smooth.

What are your faves? Will you be buying any or have you already got them? Let me know what you think.

Valentines Day - A Manicure Roundup

So yesterday was Valentines and I know for a lot of people it means romance, flowers and presents. I love exchanging cards with my bf, spending a quiet evening in with a take away, watching a movie and most romantically of all ... staying off our phones. However it's not the be all and end all of a relationship and I know many happy couples who shun the day completely.

For us nail art fans, it's nice to have a theme to focus on for a couple of weeks and I certainly tried to make the most of the red, pink and hearts.

Here's a roundup if the nail art I created.

You might have also seen the 2 pictorials I did for Semichem (an online shop similar to boots, selling beauty products). Here they are if you didn't see them. I used Collection Cosmetics nail polishes as I genuinely love their products and created a look for day and night wear. 

Valentines Day Manicure Pictorial using Collection Cosmetics

Valentines Night Manicure Pictorial using Collection Cosmetics

So what did you do for Valentines? Did you theme your nails for the day?

Friday's Fashion Feature

Friday, 13 February 2015

Another edition of Friday's Fashion Feature and today I have found a valentines themed outfit to take inspiration from.

This gorgeous outfit worn by Kerry Washington has the perfect valentines twist thanks to the Roger Vivier Love Clutch.

I decided to use the polka pattern from the dress and then add in the 'love' and 'heart' features from the clutch onto the other 2 nails.

I used Barry M Cotton, Bright Red and Black nail paints.

Kerry Washington inspired Roger Vivier Love Clutch Nails using Barry M Cotton, Bright Red & Black

Kerry Washington inspired Roger Vivier Love Clutch Nails using Barry M Cotton, Bright Red & Black

What do you think? I actually like the simplicity of it and the bold colours and dots give it a pop arty feel..
Will you be taking inspiration from your outfit to create a matching mani?

Red Nails - The Colour of Love

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Red is a colour synonymous with Valentines day, it represents love, passion and confidence. It's one of the most classic nail colours and I know many of you will be reaching for those red bottles of polish in your collection over the next day or so.

For me, it's one of the last colours I will ever pick to wear, along with black and brown. It's not that I dislike the colour, it's just that there are so many other amazing colours to wear these days. Valentines and Christmas are possibly the only times of the year that I will wear red, so I thought I would show you some of my fave red polishes.

For me, red polish has to be bright and bold. I don't love the deeper reds as much, so I left them out of this post and only included 8 typical 'heart' red polish colours.

Cancun Hot by The Lacquer Lab is possibly as bright as it gets. I used 2 coats, no topcoat. You can buy it here for £9.

The Lacquer Lab Cancun Hot

Collection Lady In Red is the bargain of the bunch. Its a bright cherry red colour and is good in 1 coat. You can buy it here for £1.99.

Collection Cosmetics Lady In Red

Models Own Red Lustre is another 1 coat wonder. It darkens as you add more coats and I love the tone of it with 2. You can buy it here for £4.99.

Models Own Red Lustre

The Edge Nails Beijing is a classic red polish. This is another red with a stunning formula. I used 2 coats, no topcoat. You can buy it here for £2.76.

The Edge Nails Beijing

Nicka K Red Hood (NY122) is gorgeous and only needed 1 thin coat which dried very quickly. This is one to grab if you're in a hurry but want polished nails. You can buy it here for $4.99.

Nicka K New York Red Hood

HJ Manicure Strawberry Daiquiri is the most expensive polish in this list. If you're after a touch of luxury this Valentines, apply this to your nails and you'll feel like a million dollars. You can buy it here for £9.50.

HJ Manicure Strawberry Daiquiri

CND Vinylux Wildfire is also an amazing red. Pair this with the Vinylux week long topcoat for red nails that will last long after valentines. You can buy this here for £4.74 (with VAT).

CND Vinylux Wildfire

Barry M Blood Orange is the darkest red on this list. It's similar to Models Own Red Lustre in that it changes colour slightly the more coats you add. I used 2, however if you're after a deeper colour, add a 3rd. You can buy this here for £3.99.

Barry M Blood Orange Gelly Hi-Shine

I know a lot of these look similar and that's ... well, because they are. Red polish generally has the best quality formula out of all colours. I think this could be due to the pigment or the fact that it's been around the longest. Whatever the reason its hard to justify spending a lot on a classic red, when all brands do it so well.

What do you think of these reds? Will you be wearing red this Valentines? If not which colour will be on your nails?
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