eBay Wish List - Valentines Edition

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I've loved this type of feature on some of the blogs I read, so I thought I would 'blog-nap' the idea and create my own series of wish list style posts on The Polish List.

I thought I'd start off with an eBay wishlist as it's the Mecca of nail art supplies. Not only is the variety of products ridiculous (you can scroll for hours looking at listings), but it's a source we can all access across the world. 

Todays post will be focused on my valentines nail art accessory wish list. With the big day approaching fast and some of us (hopefully) planning to get wined and dined, it is a good idea to think about what we'll wear, how we'll do our hair and of course, what we'll be wearing on our nails.
1. Lip Charms
These bright red lip charms caught my eye immediately, I thought these would be beautiful for some lovey dovey nail art.
10pcs for 99p - buy them here.

2. Rose Clusters
If you're after something a little more romantic for your nails these rose & red rhinestone clusters are beautiful and give an understated valentines look to your mani.
10pcs for £2 with 99p postage - buy them here.

3. Loose Glitter
Glitter is great to accessorise any plain manicure with, and you can also use it to create your own valentines polish (see my post here on how to make your own polish). I love these glitters as they have neon hearts in them, so it's lovely but also funky. The seller also sells a lot of other more traditional coloured glitters too so have a look if your not into neons.
1 pot is 99p with free delivery - buy them here.

4. Plastic Charms
These plastic multi shaped charms come in a variety of colours meaning you can create whatever colour scheme of valentine mani that you wish. I mean let's be honest, we're not all all pink and red girls. I love that you get bows, hearts and flowers in the same pack making it a real bargain and suitable for use after the 14th.
14pcs for £1.85 with 85p delivery - buy them here.

5. Heart Rhinestones
Heart rhinestones are perfect for those of us who are no good at nail art but fancy an easy valentines addition to our mani. These can be re-used again and again and as there are lots of different colours, so you can match your mani to your outfit on valentines.
1 wheel containing 24pcs is £1.29 with free delivery - buy it here.

My last item is a huge joke, I mean, seriously would anyone ever get these? However strange they are, it's also a little apt for this day too, I mean we all know what happens after we've been wined and dined! ;)

I'm calling these finger condoms, but the seller has called them finger cots ... um what? I can see how they'd be useful, you could wrap a piece of nail varnish soaked cotton wool around your nail and then slide one of these finger cots (condoms) on to keep it in place and soaking until the polish is removed. However I think I'd prefer to use foil. From the picture it seems like these are used to protect electronic equipment from our dirty, oily skin when repairing items. Whatever their use, they look so funny I just had to share.
If you wish to buy them they're £1.16 for 100 with free delivery - find them here.

What are your fave valentines nail art accessories? Do you theme your nails on valentines day? If so tag me in your pictures as I'd love to see them.


  1. LOL at the finger condoms (or "cots", wtf!? haha) that amused me!

    Love the rest of the items, this post has reminded me that I actually have a big tub full of charms, rhinestones, studs etc that I love but never actually seem to use - I'm definitely going to have a look through and see if I can get inspired! x

    1. Me too, I almost wanted to just do a post about them on their own! I have not ordered them yet, but may do. Ooh I love looking through old tub of stuff, hopefully you'll discover something fun x


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