Pre-Fashion Week Retreat

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Imagine the scenario, it's a grizzly Saturday afternoon and you're sat in watching rugby (not my choice), swatching Barry M and an email arrives asking if you'd like to go to a complimentary event where you get to pick from a multi-paged list of treatments for free. Sound like a dream? It was almost as if they knew I needed a pamper.

This was me just over 2 weeks ago when the lovely Charlotte from Scout Cast Produce emailed to ask if I wanted to attend their Pre-Fashion Week Retreat. I was so surprised to be invited and of course said yes.

So off  I went today (Feb 10th) and had the most amazing time mingling with the beautiful people of London at the Red Bulls Studios. I was greeted with a drink, as many bags of Proper Corn popcorn as I could eat and a room full of stations ready to fix me up.

My first treatment was a stress busting massage by Spa & Massage, it was so relaxing. I didn't even mind that half my makeup was left on the face protector, although a lot of wiping was needed to clear up my smudged eyeliner.

Afterwards I had some eyelashes put on by Eyelure, who explained the do's and dont's of false lash wear. I went big & dramatic and had No151 lashes put on.

Then I was whisked via the Red Bull Smoothie bar to the Wella station and had the most amazing big & bouncy blow dry.

Lastly, CND gave me a Vinylux manicure. I have been loving their Flora & Fauna collection from afar so it was amazing to see it in person. The Vinylux Flora and Fauna range has 8 colours and their corresponding Shellac range has 6. I chose Creekside and I wasn't disappointed. 3 coats of colour & their amazing Weekly top coat that promises 7 days of wear later and I had some stunning nails to show off. I must thank them for allowing me to take the bottle of Creekside home with me. I loved it so much that I just had to have it.

Before I left I checked in my goody bag ticket at the mini shop. The bag was full of new products that I just couldn't wait to look at. At lunch my friend and I had a good rummage through the bag, I think my fave products have to be the Vinylux duo and then maybe the Sebastian Professional Stylbrid. I'm sure once I've used the rest they'll all go on the list.

I want to thank everybody for working so hard to make it an amazing experience. It was so well organised and the atmosphere was really welcoming that I will most definitely be RSVP'ing to anything that comes my way from Scout Cast Produce.


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