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Saturday, 21 February 2015

PR Sample

The last year or so has seen the UK produce some amazing indie brands ... and about time too. American and Australian indies have been running the show for a long time and although we can buy their beautiful polishes through sites such as Rainbow Connection, we pay a high price for it. I am so pleased therefore, that we have some amazing homegrown indies to chose from as well. The more the merrier.

At first I thought Kandy Colors was an American brand due to the way they spell 'color', so don't be fooled by it, as I was.. As with all indie brands, they have a love for polish and understand our addiction passion. I love that the indie brands can bring out really unique and interesting collections. Kandy Colors is no different, they currently have 6 stunning collections for sale with over 70 individual colours.

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses, Perry Peach and Vanilla Oil

I have 2 colours from 2 different collections to show you today.

First up is Gunz & Roses from the Glamorous Gems collection. It's a beautiful polish that's good to go in 3 coats, or you could use 1 over another polish as a topper. It is made up of what looks like (I can't quite tell) magenta, navy, purple and holographic micro hex glitters in a purple tinged base. It has a thick formula (prob due to the glitter density) but it applies well and dries quickly.

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses Macro

The polish dries with a semi matte finish which I love.

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses

If you're no a fan of the matte glitter look then 1 coat of topcoat will add a dazzling shine, which really brightens the glitters.

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses with Topcoat

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses with Topcoat

Kandy Colors Gunz & Roses with Topcoat

You can buy Gunz & Roses here for £5.20.

Next up I have Perry Peach from the Crelly-Pastel Collection. This type of polish is great for jelly-sandwich style manis. Because of this I needed 3 coats for full coverage. The formula is as good as you could want, it's smooth and applies easily. I love this colour, its a very neutral peach tone which is a great alternative to the usual beige nude polish.

Kandy Colors Perry Peach

Kandy Colors Perry Peach

You can buy Perry Peach here for £4.20.

Lastly I was sent some of their Replenishing Cuticle Oils to try out. I received the vanilla scent but there's also coconut, jasmine rose and baby powder. The oil itself is lovely, it rubs in easily, has no stickiness and leaves a beautiful scent on your nails for a long time after ... not to mention really moisturising your cuticles.

Kandy Colors Vanilla Replenishing Cuticle Oil

You only get a tiny amount, 3ml for £1.20 which for me would be gone in a week tops. However it does mean you can try lots of different scents. I really hope that Kandy Colors eventually sells these in a bigger bottle, as I know that I go through this stuff at a stupid speed and would rather buy a larger bottle.

So what do you think of these polishes? The quality is brilliant and the customer service excellent.

You can find browse the range of Kandy Colors polishes on their website and also find them on Instagram and Facebook.


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