The Edge - Natural French Manicure Set Review

Monday, 2 February 2015

PR Sample

Last week I was asked if I would like to try out some products from a company called The Edge Nails. As a massive nail art fan I was keen to try out some products from a UK supplier and let you all know what they're like. It's always good to be able to buy a variety of items from one place, it's saves on time (entering all your details again and again is exhausting) and postage costs. The Edge Nails sells everything from polish, uv gel polish to files, foils for removing polish and rhinestones.

Primarily they sell to wholesalers, nail salons and nail technicians. However anyone can buy from them and it will be a great resource for anyone with a true interest in nail art and care.

First from them (I will review some of their nail polish colours tomorrow so keep an eye out) I have a gorgeously cute kit containing everything you need to create a Natural French Manicure at home. I have never got on with French Manicures, for one thing they're tricky to do and another they're just isn't enough colour. However I do love how sophisticated and fresh they look, so I jumped at the chance to treat my nails to this salon classic.

The Edge Nails French Manicure Set

The kit contains a base coat which is tinted pink called Santa Rose, a white polish called Ivory Coast and the 5 Star Topcoat. There are also instructions and some handy Nail Tip Guides (which I def used). The only thing you may need is a striped brush or a round tip brush to smooth out the lines once painted.
The Edge Nails French Manicure Set

Here are the instructions, they're very easy to follow. I only applied one coat of Santa Rosa (pink base coat) as I am not a fan of the really pinky French look, however if that's your bag then by all means add an extra coat or two.
The Edge Nails French Manicure Instructions

found the polish dried quickly, which was handy as I hate having to wait ages before being able to apply anything sticky to the nail. The nail tip guides were easy to apply and remove, which made the process so much quicker. You are given 45 guides in the set, so 4 full manis and then ... half a mani? 45 seems like an odd number to me ...  but then again, maybe they're covering their back in case people have more than 10 fingers?? Either way they're super handy, I mean super handy and what is even better, is you can buy 150 more of these nail tip guides for £1.98 (here).

Here is my poor effort. However you can see how beautiful these products look and what a stunning result you can achieve.

The Edge Nails French Manicure created using the French Manicure Set
The Edge Nails French Manicure created using the French Manicure Set

Over all this set is amazing and the only thing I can fault this product on was the top coat, which needed a couple of coats to get a nice and full effect. I think I've spoiled myself for topcoats since I first tried Seche Vite though so this will not be a problem for many.

You can buy this set from The Edge Nails website for £7.80 here, they also do a pink french manicure set for the same price here. New customers will get 20% off their first order when you use the discount code WELCOMEOFFER at the checkout, so what's stopping you ... go and get shopping! 

Although I haven't tried out many French Manicure sets, I would highly recommend this one. Do you like to wear a simple french mani? How would you inject some colour into yours?

Remember to come back tomorrow to see a review of The Edge Nails gorgeous nail colours.


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