Rare Nails - Tutti Fruitti Nail Art Set

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

PR Sample

Ever heard of Rare Nails? Neither had I until I was contacted by them. It seems that Rare Nails are a Spanish brand that make nail polishes and nail art sets. On the continent they seem to be very popular and although some people in the UK may have some of these products already, I would imagine the majority of people haven't.

I was sent the Tutti Fruitti set which is a fun, bright and bold collection of polishes, perfect for the summer. It contains 3 colours with fruit names and a pack of different fruit themed transfers.

Rare Nail Tutti Fruitti Nail Art Set

Polishes first;

Mango is a very bright coral which I actually described as mango before I saw the name. It applied well and was good to go in 2 coats. This polishes had the best formula of the bunch.

Rare Nails Mango Nail Polish

Banana is a bright sunshine yellow. It has a slight shimmer to it which can not really be seen on the nail. I used 3 coats to smooth any streak and added a topcoat to make it nice and smooth.

Rare Nails Banana Nail Polish

Lime is a neon bright toxic slime colour polish. It has a lovely silver shimmer to it. This polish had a tricky formula and one that beat me! I used 3 coats and a thick coat of topcoat.

Rare Nails Lime Nail Polish

Onto the nail art transfers. The instructions included in the pack are easy to understand and make the application very simple indeed.

Rare Nails Tutti Fruitti Nail Art Transfers

Rare Nails Tutti Fruitti Nail Art

I would advise you to trim right around the transfer so that you can be certain where it is going to end up on your nail.
The instructions also say to wait until the transfer is completely dry on your nail before your add a topcoat, which I did but still smudged a little. Ooops.

I love the idea of these nail art sets they, there really is something for everyone and they're perfect for people who are not great at freehand nail art or who don't have the time to spend creating detailed designs on their own nails. I can see myself buying these as gifts for friends (who love my nail art but haven't got a clue where to start) or as stocking fillers for family.

Each of the 24 different themed sets come with 3 colours and some transfers. You buy these from Amazon for prices varying between £8-£10 although the advertised price for these sets is £11.95.

Rare Nails Nail Art Gift Sets


  1. Really love these bright colours. Hope this isn't a daft question but as it's a spanish brand, are the instructions in english? I wonder if we'll be seeing them in any shops soon? x

    1. Not a stupid question, the instructions were in English. There was no info about being in the shops in the uk, but I really hope they do as they kind of sets are so cute xx


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