Red Nose Day Wraps 2015 for Comic Relief

Thursday, 12 March 2015

As today is Thursday I am going to combine today's review of the current Red Nose Day wraps (on sale for tomorrows big day) with a quick throwback to some Red Nose Day nails I created 2 years ago.

Looking back 2 years on anyone's creative journey is bound to be a little hilarious, I mean not only were my nail art skills still in their infancy but my iPhone camera was not great. I remember thinking at the time that these nails were perfect! Oh dear, I wonder if in 2 years time I will look back at the nail art I produce this year and think the same?!

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Nail Art

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Nail Art

Check out those frames (*sigh) ... anyone who was anyone back then on IG rocked a curved corner frame!

Right, let me drag you from March 2013 to the current day where pictures are focused and my nails are a better shape. I noticed on the Red Nose Day shop website weeks ago that they were selling a range of themed merchandise to help raise money for Comic Relief and knew I needed to get some bits. I then saw the same merchandise in my local Sainsbury's and grabbed the wraps along with 2 Red Noses so that not only would my nose look the part, but I could rock funky, no fuss nails.

For 2015 there are a whooping 9 noses to collect and each had a nose-pun name and a cute little back story. You can check out more about the noses on the Sainsburys website here.

Image Credit Sainsburys

Below are the bits I picked up. You can see I got Karate Konk & Snout Dracula. As the noses are sold in packets you can not see which one you are buying, which for me is fine, but if you wanted to try and collect all the noses you could end up spending a fortune ... which I suppose is the idea.

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Karate Konk, Snout Dracula and Nail Wraps

There are 14 different nail wrap designs in 4 different sizes (they are easily trimmed) and a pack of 36 tiny individual nail stickers. I didn't use these on my nail, but added the stickers to my diary and calendar, there are some left so maybe I will create a mani with them tomorrow.

In case you don't know how to apply nail wraps, the packet comes with some basic instructions. I loved how easy to was to re-arrange these wraps on your nails. There were a few times I had to pull off a wrap and replace it with no effect on the design or stickiness.

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Karate Konk and Nail Wraps

I decided to have one hand in white to match Karate Konk and the other hand in black to match Snout Dracula. I then added the last 2 big wraps onto my thumbs. If you fancied having a more uniform design across your 2 hands I would suggest you buy 2 packets of wraps and you can then give the rest to a friend.

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Karate Konk and Nail Wraps used on nails

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Karate Konk and Nail Wraps used on nails

I love the 2 middle wrap designs here. How cute does Snout Dracula look hanging upside down!

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Snout Dracula and Nail Wraps used on nails

Comic Relief Red Nose Day Snout Dracula and Nail Wraps used on nails

Overall I am very impressed with these wraps and the designs are amazing. They lasted well over a day for me and were so easy to apply. I love that they give people the option to have fun nails for a small price tag. I know a lot of schools and offices allow a casual dress day tomorrow so I urge you all to pick these up on your way home tonight and give your nails a little Comic Relief for tomorrows fundraising.

For £1 for each nose and £2 for the wraps, you're guaranteed to donate at least £2.20 to the cause which means that you're actually doing good by shopping! As if we needed an excuse.

Go and buy your Red Noses and Nail Wraps, available from many different retailers and support this amazing cause!

Which nose do you have? Have you got these wraps? Would you go and buy them now?

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  1. I love the lighter coloured wraps on your nails - they look great! Fantastic post on Red Nose Day Vicky!! xx


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