Spring Polish Roundup - Collections I don't own.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sometimes I think that you should get government funding as a blogger. After all it can be a very expensive hobby and also ... I WANT all the polish. It costs us polished obsessed girls a fortune to keep up to date with the new releases and that's just the mainstream brands. Don't even get me started on all the beautiful indies that I have to pass on (sob). I have long known that I can never and will never be able to afford all the polish (more sobs).

So instead of getting into a huge amount of debt to buy all the pretties, I thought I would show off the Spring 2015 releases that I don't have by linking other bloggers posts here. These lucky ladies have between them managed to get their beautifully manicured hands on all the new collections that I can not afford. Remember that I have already swatched a huge amount of spring polishes so look back on this blog if you're after anything else.

Spring 15 collections I have swatched

Zoya have released 2 stunning collections this Spring and I am coveting them both. 

Delight is a mix of bright cremes and shimmers. Check out Adventures In Acetone's blog post here where she reviews them.

Image Credit to Adventures In Acetone

Naturel Satin's are Zoya's second release and just as beautiful. I tend to stick to bright colours but there's something about these frosted bottles and mature hues that has me hooked, albeit from afar. Again I loved Adventures In Acetone's blog post reviewing these so check it out here.

Image Credit Adventures In Acetone

I know that Nail Polish Direct sells Zoya polishes for a hefty £8.95 each but seeing as I don't have a spare £107.40 they are most likely never to be mine.

OPI is a long standing polish fave of mine thanks to its beautiful seasonal collections, clever use of colour and their ingenious naming choices. When I saw the promo pictures for the Hawaii collection I fell in love, so deeply in love. I entered every competition I could to try and win these beauties (as I knew I could never afford them) to no avail. 
I have drooled over every blog post and picture of these polishes since then but have loved All Lacquered Up's swatches the most, read her blog post reviewing the collection here.

Image Credit All Lacquered Up

OPI also released a small capsule collection in conjunction with the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. I haven't read the book but I have seen the movie and although I can see where they were going with the colour palette, I don't really think it fits the tone of the movie and gets it's inspiration from the title alone.
The PolishAholic as always, produced gorgeous swatches of this 6 piece, be sure to read her blog post here if you haven't already.

Image Credit The PolishAholic

OPI also release a Soft Shades and a Brights collection around this time of year, neither of which usually interest me but this year, the brights are stunning and I am seriously swooning over the pink glitter called On Pinks & Needles. I did win 4 of these colours from a competition by The Sunday Girl, but I am still waiting for them to be delivered. Once they arrived I will swatch them myself.

I could only find swatches of the Soft Shades by The Lacquerologist so I think they're a very new release. Read her review here.

Image Credit The Lacquerologist

The PolishAholic reviewed the Brights here.

Image Credit The PolishAholic

Again Nail Polish Direct sells OPI here for £7.95 a bottle, that would total a hideously scary £238.50 for all 30 bottles.

China Glaze is another big hitter in the nail polish world and I adore their collections. They know how to do colour so well and their first 2 releases of 2015 are B-E-A-U-tiful! 

Road Trip is such a fun combination of pastels and brighter tones. I really wish I could get this collection, These pictures are from JessFace90X who has a youtube where she live swatches and a beautiful instagram page. I only found her recently but I am already in love with her work so I highly recommend you check her out.

Image Credit JessFace90X
You can buy the Road Trip collection polishes from Nail Polish Direct for £3.95 each which totals £47.40 for the 12, or they do the collection in 2 packs of 6 for £19.99, so you can get the whole collection for £39.98.

Next up is the Electric Nights collection and I think I love this even more than Road Trip. This is a very new release (Summer 2015) and I am going to try hard to buy, the colours and glitters are all colours I love to wear and there isn't a colour in this whole collection I do not love the look of. These pictures are also from JessFace90X so make sure you check out her youtube video here where she live swatches them.

Image Credit JessFace90X
The Electric Nights collection is not on sale in the UK yet (as far as I am aware).

Essie always release a ton of collections and I am never really bothered by them. However I am digging a couple of these colours and would not be adverse to buying them.

Essie's resort collection is a meh kinda collection. The colours are a bit bland for my taste but I do like the look of them together. The PolishAholic produced a great blog post on these, read it here.

Image Credit The PolishAholic 
The Cashmere Matte collection is a beauty and I love how smooth and silky these colours look. However it's not one I am itching to buy despite the fact I love a couple of colours (the blues). This picture is from Lacquer Style who has the most beautiful nails ever! Read her post here.

Image Credit Lacquer Style

Essie's Spring 2015 collection called Flowerista is a mix of neutrals and brights and I definitely prefer the 3 brights. Although none of these look amazingly different, I do love them together as a collection. This picture is by the amazing Perilously Pale, read her blog post here.

Image Credit Perilously Pale 
You can buy Essie polishes from Nail Polish Direct for £8.95 each. That's another £179 for these polishes.

Now for some individual collections by various brands.

Orly has released a gorgeous collection called Sugar High. Blue Velvet Lacquer has these gorgeous swatches, read her post here.

Image Credit Blue Velvet Lacquer
You can buy these Orly polishes for £10.50 each at Grafton's Beauty.

Morgan Taylor released  stunning collection inspired by the upcoming Disney Cinderella movie. Again I loved All Lacquered Up swatches, read her post here.

Image Credit All Lacquered Up
Morgan Taylor polishes are also available from Nail Polish Direct for £9.95 each, buy theme here.

Barielle is a brand I tend to buy from TK Maxx. I don't see it any shops in the UK and it's a shame as I do love their colours. They have released a new collection called Gentle Breeze and these swatches by The Polished Mommy are amazing. Red her post here.

Image Credit The Polished Mommy
I'm not sure where you can buy Barielle from so if you do, please let me know in the comments.

Butter London's High Tea collection is very fresh and I am loving that orange, which is called Tiddly (amazing name)! You can buy these from Butter London for £12 each.

CND Vinylux is a brand I was introduced too when I went to the Pre-Fashion Week retreat (read post here). This is the Flora & Fauna collection and it's beautiful! I have a few of these which I will swatch soon but the good thing about these is that the topcoat formula has been designed to get harder the longer you wear it and it's all thanks to the sun. You can buy these polishes from Nail Polish Direct for £7.95 here.

They are also releasing an amazing summer collection called Garden Muse. Here is the press release picture, however I do plan on buying these so I'll swatch them later in the year.

Models Own have their new Hypergels and Icings, but I plan on swatching them and no doubt you've already seen pictures of them so just keep an eye out on here for them. Rimmel also have some upcoming releases from Rita Ora and a new collection called Sweet Heart which I've seen pictures of on Twitter but don't really have anything to show you right now.

So ... phew. That is a huge amount of polish. I kind of gave up  keeping a total of the amount that all these polishes would cost me if I were to buy them. Don't get me wrong if I had a ton of money I know I would invest it in my hobby but I dont, so I can only look at these pictures and dream.

Which have been your fave collections of spring this year? Have you discovered any other upcoming collections I should be on the lookout for?


  1. I'm so excited for the OPI Neon pink glitter! I wasn't really feeling the Hawaii collection so I'm glad they've got something else coming I can lust after.
    And I didn't know about the China Glaze Neons, I tend to forget about them because I mostly only buy brands I can go and look at in the shops but after seeing those swatches I definitely need some, especially the glitters.
    As for Orly, the day they are finally stocked in John Lewis / Debenhams / Boots will be a wonderful day!
    Amy x

  2. I love adding 3D elements to my work! Also the fact that you describe things like "It's kind of like if the Borg went Renaissance." is why you're my fav blogger. :DOutlook Support now your problem can easily resolve by this website.


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