April Fools Day 2015 - A Beauty Round Up

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Every year April Fools day creeps up on me and before I know it I've fallen for some prank or trick and feel like a ... well like a bloody stupid fool. However yesterday I went to bed and reminded myself it was April Fools day and a good job too, because there were an awful lot of very convincing stunts from some of our fave beauty brands.

The first one I came across was from Models Own and boy was it amazing. Bluetooth colour changing nail polish!

'Simply add a layer of Induction Direct Intense Opulent Topcoat over any Models Own nail polish or Jewel Over King Effect for effect polishes and transform your mani in an instant using the new free app, Choose your shade and watch the magic happen. A technological wonder for only £149.99, exclusively in Bottleshops today, the 1st April.
    If you want high-gloss red for the day or gold glitter for a party the same evening, this ground breakinf technology can make it happen. Hold your phone in your hand, select the shade from the free app'.

Now firstly we don't need to be the smartest of pants to realise that Models Own would never sell anything for £149.99, if we didn't catch onto that then noticing that the initials of the amazing topcoats spell out IDIOT & JOKE.

Next up is Barry M's hilarious 'new' product. I actually laughed out loud when I saw this. It wasn't as clever as Models Own but it was possible more believable. I can imagine the girls at Barry M having a right laugh when they were thinking up ideas.

I'm not sure who would buy nipple glitter but I love that they suggest ways to wear it and even created a handy 'extendable nipple glitter applicator'. Also, I love the smiling little nipples as the border in the second image, nice touch Barry M!

Gosh have release a new cheddar scented Velvet Touch Lipstick, letting you enjoy cheesy goodness throughout the day. I love the idea of the cheesy smell (yes really, I adore cheddar), but the colour is a little odd ... the only thing that would want to snog you may be a mouse, or some grubby rat if you live in the city.

Essence Cosmetics released a great April Fools idea although it is very similar to Barry M's Tongues Love Colour Nail Paint trick last year (read here). I love that there are little stencils and a palette of flavoured paints. Essence says there's a choice of 12 crazy designs and sensational flavours! Now I would be very keen on this if they could guarantee it was calorie free ... what a winner.

Rimmel always releases an April Fools that everyone would wish for. I don't know about you but I would love a vanishing mascara remover. It has to be the trickiest beauty product to remove properly.and I am always trying anything to make it easier.

Body Shop's addition was a little subtle. I looked at this for a long time before I realised it was a fake. Mood-Enhancing moisture sounds like it could be real, I mean we all know that certain oils and scents can change our mood. However I am pretty sure that this is body butter won't make us miraculously sleepy, un-hungry or happy.

Catrice is a brand we can't get in the UK, but any beauty lover would adore that table in their nail room or love a lipstick light. I am pretty sure someone could make a fortune making these furniture pieces.

The last prank was from DIYNails, although it's been done before (tartan nail polish that is) it was great to see an April Fools joke from smaller company.

I for one look forward to seeing what jokes are released each April Fools, this year was brilliant and I think my fave one has to be Models Own Bluetooth colour changing polish.

Last years April Fools Day blog post is here if you fancy another laugh.


  1. I saw the Barry M - Nip Dip, but I never realised so many companies participated in the April fools day jokes! Great read Vicky x

    1. Glad you liked it, I love seeing what all the companies bring out. This year there was def more than there had been before. I imagine there'll be even more next year. Did you fancy buying the nip dip? ;) xx

  2. I look forward to seeing what happens next year then! I will definitely be on the look out. Oh yeah, went straight on my wishlist that did haha! xx


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