Bloglovin' - 5 Reasons You Should Be Using This App

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Today I'm going to tell you about the new app I am loving at the minute, if you follow me on Instagram you'll be sick to death of me going on and on about it. It's called Bloglovin' and its all kinds of amazing (think finding a £50 on the street kind of amazing). Anyone who has a blog will know of this website/app and so will others, but some of you wont (not anymore) and its you mainly addressing.

Bloglovin' app

Basically, Bloglovin' is a site that allows you to have access to all the posts from the blogs you love and follow in one place.

Back in the day I had a folder in my favourites bookmark section that was just for blogs. There was even folders within that main blog folder for different genres of blogs (I like to keep things very organised). I would spend ages clicking on each blog link individually to see if there was anything new for me to look at. It would take ages and consequently I never really looked at blogs on a regular basis (ain't no one got time for that).

Bloglovin' has revolutionised the way we follow bloggers and read their posts. Here are my top 5 reasons you should be using this app!

1. You can search for blogs you love by blog title & also by category and be following them with a single click (there isn't a nail section ... yet.

Bloglovin' search facility

Bloglovin' Categories

2. You can see all the new content from your fave bloggers on your own personalised news reel in seconds. This means you can read or skip content depending on whether the title grabs you.

My Bloglovin' feed

3. Similar blogs get recommended to you when you follow a blog (or you can click the 'similar blog' button when on a blog) so you can find more of the type of posts you love to read.

Bloglovin' Dahlia Nails blog page - similar blogs in right hand corner

Bloglovin' similar blogs to Dahlia Nails

4. In a similar style to Pinterest, you can create your own folders/collections and save/organise any blog posts you come across that you want easy access to at a later date. This is fab for keeping handy those beauty product reviews, nail tutorials or cake recipes ... because we all need more Mac lipstick and Oreo Cheesecake ... am I right?!

Bloglovin' categories features

5. You can browse popular blog posts  for any category even if you're not following that blog. This is great for finding new bloggers to follow or just having a quick browse at something different while you're soaking in the bath. I've found the most amazing advice, travel hints and pizza bread tear and share recipe by using this feature. 

Bloglovin' popular posts feature

Have I convinced you to go login and create an account or download this amazing app?
If not, maybe this will sweeten the deal; I am holding a competition to win the Essence Bloom Me Up collection that will be featured on my blog later today, however you need to follow me on Bloglovin' (CLICK HERE) to enter ... yup I knew you'd change your mind.

So go go go, I honestly haven't looked back, there are so many amazing bloggers out there and I love being able to keep up to date with all their posts. I look forward to seeing you there xx

PS don't forget to follow me! (Here)
PPS like all apps it has it's buggy bits but Bloglovin' are always around on Twitter to hear feedback and improvement suggestions, a first for me with apps!

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  1. Bloglovin' is amazing, hell yes! I have it on my laptop - like, the widget - and it's so useful.

    I'm visiting you from the #fblchat. Thanks for the link!!
    My Cup of Tea xxx


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