Snowglobenail Insipred Rainbow Geometric Nails with Leopard Print using Barry M

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sometimes you see a mani pop up on your Instagram feed and fall in love, like deeply can't stop thinking about it nail love. I tend to love everything that people do, but this mani went beyond that, so much so that I could not stop thinking about it and knew it had to be put onto my nails.

Snowglobe Nails has been an IG nail artist I have been following from the start, her work is amazing and I often wish I had her artistic flair and creativity. Megan first created this mani 32 weeks ago and then 2 weeks ago Decorated Digits did a mani swap with her and used this design (who can blame her). It was then I decided to have it on my nails asap.

Image Credit @Snowglobenails, her blog is here.

Image Credit @Decorateddigits

I ended up using all Barry M nail paints, they're usually my go to colours as I know them so well and have most of the colours.

I used:

  • Baby Pink
  • Shocking Pink
  • Block Orange
  • Boots Limited Edition Summer 2013
  • Bright Purple
  • Colbolt Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Spring Green

I painted my nails white as the base colour and worked from there. I did sketch out the design (the colour blocks) using a very pale grey acrylic paint to begin with and then painted on top using the polishes and a thin striping brush.

Here is the finished result and I am loving it. I can't stop staring at my nails. They are not as neat or beautiful as the other ladies work and I did change a few areas to fit in better with my design but considering I never thought I could create anything even remotely similar, I am very very happy.

Rainbow Geometric Leopard print nails using Barry M nail paints

Rainbow Geometric Leopard print nails using Barry M nail paints

You can buy Barry M nail paints online from, Superdrug and Boots from £2.99. What do you think of these nails?


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