Island Girl Polish Swatches & Review

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A couple of months ago my sister and dad went on holiday to America and spent some time in Las Vegas. Since I've become a polish obsessed weirdo I haven't been to America, so you can be sure I what's app'd loads of pictures of Island Girl polishes and begged her to pick me up some.

I have to thank them both for choosing some amazing colours and today I have 2 to show you.

Island Heat and Island Paradise both contain shiny blue, multi sized glitters and I loved them at first sight.

Island Girl nail polishes; Island Heat &  Island Paradise

Island Heat has the glitters suspended in a sea blue base and in the bottle it looks gorgeous. However the base colour is so thin (jelly thin) and the glitters so dense that it was really hard to build up the colour without huge clumps of glitters forming. I used 4 thin coats for the picture below and failed at applying it nicely. I would suggest applying it over a similar base colour so that the glitter clumps don't ruin what is a beautiful looking polish.

Island Girl nail polish Island Heat

I added a coat of matte topcoat in the hope it made the polish look better and although I prefer it, I can't stop looking at those clumps.

Island Girl nail polish Island Heat with matte topcoat

Island Paradise has the blue glitters suspended in a bright, almost neon bubblegum pink base. I love this polish so much. The base colour is more of a creme and so covers in 2 coats and the glitters don't clump.

Island Girl nail polish Island Paradise

The matte topcoat only improves what is a stunning polish.

Island Girl nail polish Island Paradise with matte topcoat

I am so thankful to my sister for picking these up. Sophie also picked me up 4 other Island Girl glitter bombs which I will swatch soon and my dad picked me up some gorgeous mini pastel and neon polish packs which I will be posting within the next few weeks.

You can buy Island Girl polishes from ABC stores from $2.99.

I am off to Las Vegas myself for a week at the end of November so let me know if there are any other Island Girl polishes that I should buy.

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