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Saturday, 27 February 2016

So it's been a week since I've blogged but what a post I've got for you today. We all know that subscription boxes are having their day, you've got beauty boxes, nail polish boxes, boxes for that time of the month, boxes for chocolate lovers, food boxes and even boxes for our pets.

If you're looking for a nail polish box, there are plenty to choose from, but if you're after a gel polish box, the choice falls away to zero. That was until now and luckily the quirky and bold brand Candy Coat has you covered.

Credit - Candy Coat Website

Candy Coat was established back in August 2015 and has since launched a very popular line of gel polish that now boasts hundreds of different shades. Each month this amazing brand offers you a choice of 2 different gel polish boxes.

Box 1 - The Colour Box
This box is aimed at nail techs and salons due to it's size but is available to everyone. It includes a base coat, top coat and a collection of Candy Coat gel colours (10-12) and is priced at £30 a month including p&p within the UK. Order yours here.
This box is obviously amazing value and as such sells out very quickly. Below is a photo of Feb's box, how beautiful are these colours?!!

Credit - Candy Coat Instagram @candy.coat

Box 2 - Sweet Little Somethings Box
This box is aimed at the individual polish wearer as it's smaller and contains a selection of goodies as well as 3 Candy Coat gel colours. You will get a base and top coat with Box 1 (which launches in 2 days) and then after that, you'll have to buy them separately. A one off box costs £18 a month plus £3.50 p&p. However if you sign up for a rolling order, the £18 includes postage. Order yours here.

I have 4 colours to show you today from Candy Coat's gel polish line. I was so excited to be sent these for review as I have been eyeing this brand up for the last couple of weeks. Their colour coordinated bottles are made of glass and the formula is thick and extremely pigmented.

Candy Coat Gel Polish

016 is a bright peach creme. The formula of this was on the thick side of thick, however with 3 thin coats I was able to achieve a even and beautiful finish.

Candy Coat Gel Polish 016

Candy Coat Gel Polish 016

057 is a pinky toned lavender that contains a strong silver shimmer. I needed 2 coats for full coverage.

Candy Coat Gel Polish 057

Candy Coat Gel Polish 057

008 is a gorgeous dusky rose pink with a silver shimmer. I needed 3 thin coats for full coverage.

Candy Coat Gel Polish 008

Candy Coat Gel Polish 008

041 is a neon pink creme. This colour is Brr-ight! I needed only 2 thin coats for full coverage.

Candy Coat Gel Polish 041

Candy Coat Gel Polish 041

Overall I am very impressed with these gel colours and Lyn from Candy Coat is one of the nicest people I've communicated with in a long time. I can't comment on their lasting power as I swatched and removed these colours within a few hours, however there are tons of reviews from other happy customers which state they last as long as any well know gel brand.

It obviously goes without saying that you need a UV or LED lamp to cure these polishes, but if you have one of those, I highly recommend you give your nails a treat and grab one of these subscription boxes. I'm that much in love that when I can afford it, I'm going straight for the Colour Box!!

Candy Coat can be found online here;
Website -
Instagram - @candy.coat
Facebook - gorgeous.lynails
Twitter - @candycoatco

Have a lovely Saturday


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  1. I ordered my subscription box yesterday. The colours are beautiful and may treat myself to a colour box from time to time


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