Top 5 Nail Polish Collections I Wish I Owned

Friday, 19 February 2016

How is it Friday again already? I don't know where my half term has gone and to be honest I am a little bit sad that it's nearly over, despite the fact that I have had a great week.

For today's post I have a wish list of the top 5 nail polish collections that I am currently lusting after.

OPI New Orleans Collection - how stunning are these colours?!

OPI Hello Kitty Collection - its not only cute, it's also incredibly pretty!

OPI Colour Paints Collection - I have wanted these since the day I saw the press release last year. I need them in my life!

China Glaze House Of Color Collection - this collection contains some amazing colours, that peach and taupe are beautiful!


Orly Melrose Collection - who doesn't love mint and berry tones, I love the different finishes that these shades have.

There we have it, the top 5 nail polish collections I wish I owned.

What do you think about these colours? What collections are on your wish list?



  1. I must say I have to agree! My nail polish additions have been severely lacking at the moment. OPI are hitting it out of the park lately with their new releases.

    1. I know, every time they release a new collection I'm drooling! However they're so expensive and the collections so big I never get them. I wish I had a fairy polish mother x

  2. The hello kitty polishes are just so cute! I also wish I had the colour paints too x

    1. Oh those colour paints are my dream! OPI are too good at releasing collections but so pricey xx


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