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Sunday, 12 June 2016

PR Sample
Today I have something very interesting to share with you all, a new (to me) company called Semilac recently got in touch and asked if I wanted to try their hybrid gel polish* and of course I said yes. Semilac has experienced phenomenal success over in Poland and has thankfully decided to bring their products to the UK. Amy Childs (star of TOWIE) quickly became the brand ambassador and uses Semilac in her very own beauty salon. Semilac also offer over 130 colours in their range (from pastels to neons to glitters), priced at only £8 a bottle, so I was interested to see what they'd be like.

Now before you click off thinking 'I don't wear gel polish', Semilac also offer a line of nail polish in matching colours to their hybrid gel range and if the formula is anything like their hybrid line, you'll want to stay tuned.

I was sent a topcoat, a base coat and 2 bright summery colours. When testing gel polish I like to see how the whole system works together. I wasn't disappointed with Semilac, it's incredible, the brushes are wide, perfect for fast and smooth application, the rich pigmentation of the colours means that you're only adding the second coat for enhancement and the thick topcoat adds a smooth shiny finish to the manicure.

006 Classic Coral is exactly that, a coral which has a slight pink tinge to it. I used 2 coats only because it's my personal preference, but if you were applying this to a client who had smaller nails than mine, you honestly would be fine with a single coat. I finished with a coat of topcoat for the swatch below.

044 Intense Blue is a sky blue with a hint of turquoise. I am loving blues this year and this shade is so pretty. Again I only added the second coat to deepen the colour slightly and finished with a coat of topcoat.

Overall I'm very impressed by Semilac and would highly recommend them. The quality is amazing and they such a joy to apply. The price is also very attractive, you can always stay on trend and offer a wide variety of choice to your clients without breaking the bank.

Both the basecoat and topcoat cost £6 for a 7ml bottle and the colours featured in this post are priced at £7.99 each for a 7ml bottle.

Pop over to their website  Semilac UK / Semilac to have a look for yourself at their amazing range of products. As well as over 130 different colours they also sell nail polish (£4.29 a bottle) and salon accessories like files and remover products.

You can also find and follow Semilac on their social media sites here:

Have a lovely week
Vicky x

* Disclaimer - I want to point out that I am actually trained and insured to use gel products and think that it's very important you know exactly what you're doing, no matter how simple the system, before you apply any professional product to your nails. It tends to be the removal of gel polish that poses the highest risk of damaging the nail, and no saving of money is worth that in my opinion. After all you wouldn't brush it off if layers of your skin peeled off when applying fake tan at home, so don't accept it with your nails.


  1. Wow those colours are so bright and vibrant. Perfect for summer :-) xx

    1. Thanks so much, I love these colours for summer and know lots of other people will too xx

  2. Very pretty polishes and lovely swatch photos!! I'm a complete know-nothing about gel polishes. I wondered why these are called hybrid gels? Is that the same as soak-off-gels?

    1. Thank you, they're such lovely colours and amazing quality. They're soak off, just think they've been named that way as usual hybrid gels don't need to cure using a UV lamp.

  3. These sound great and it doesn't sound like you can go wrong for the price either. Intense Blue is beautiful xx
    The Nail & Beauty Files

    1. Intense blue is gorgeous and I'm going to be investing in some other colours (both gel and normal polish) when I've got some spare cash.
      Vicky xx

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