2016 Birthday Wishlist

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Happy Tuesday everyone, as it's only a week until my birthday I thought I'd do a birthday wishlist post. Now I know this is slightly different for my blog but I love the idea of looking back in years to come and seeing the kind of things I was wanting (and then also the things I got) so if you're not interested in this kind of post, turn off now.

Pandora Charms: standard birthday/holiday request. I chose some cat themed ones as I have 2 cats (Coco and Flicker) and currently have no charms that represent them. Plus these are cute, look at that cat face!

Blue mug from Robert Dyas. I don't need this in the slightest but I saw it ages ago and loved it.

Blu-rays: Far From the Madding Crowd, Age of Adeline and War & Peace. Yes I love romance movies and period dramas. They're amazing and all these are ones I'll watch again and again.

Silver Cushions: I've wanted to change up the cushions on my sofa's for a while (I'm going for a soft mint theme at the minute) and these ones from ASDA are gorgeous. Unfortunately they're sold out online and I couldn't see them in my local ASDA so I may not get these exact ones.

Models Own Soft Pop Collection. Oh how I've wanted these nail polishes since forever. Thankfully I think my boyfriend has picked up on my many hints, so stay tuned for some swatches in the near future.

Marks & Spencer Vanilla Fudge Bar. I ask for them at every birthday and Christmas as they're so delicious, I honestly could eat about 10 of these in one go.

Finally I added this gorgeous Daisy Dixon watch because ever since I was generously sent one (see my post here) I've been eyeing them all over social media. Plus I think this black design is a classic.

There we have it. Although this looks like a lot, I don't in anyway expect to get all of these items, a few like the charms and watch have been put on because they're gorgeous but they also fill the space nicely. Mostly I want a nice day with my boyfriend, cake and a takeaway (chinese).

What would be on your wish list this year? Or what have you had for your birthday that you'd think I'd like?

Vicky xx


  1. What an awesome idea. When is your birthday? My birthday is next week too. We could be birthday buddies :)
    Tracy xx

    1. Yay I'm glad someone likes it. I think this may be a post just for me to look back on though & sometimes you need those in your blog. Mines Tuesday 19th, yours? xx

    2. We're birthday twins!! I'm the 19th as well :)

      I couldn't agree more. Sometimes it's nice to have posts just for you.

    3. How amazing, it's very rare I find a birthday twin. have you got any nice plans? I'm thinking more about doing posts that I enjoy writing and will love looking back on xx

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