Primark PS Gel Effect Nail Polish Review

Saturday, 16 July 2016

So the other day (Thursday) I popped into town and as usual had a browse around Primark. I picked up a new bag (which I love) and then had a peek at the beauty section. These new nail polishes immediately caught my eye, don't they look amazingly like the newest Nails Inc packaging?

There were 4 colours to chose from but surprisingly I only picked up 3. The fourth colour was a lavender grey I think, it didn't look interesting enough to grab so it stayed in the shop.

The first thing I want to mention about these is the gorgeous colour coordinated lids. They make me very happy, very happy indeed. At £1.50 they're actually on the pricey side for Primark polish (nearly double their usual 80p) so I was expecting an improvement in both formula and brush type.

So... the brush is still the same old cheap plastic. Brilliant! I find the stiff bristles very difficult to work with unless you use super thick coats, not cool in my opinion. The formula seems the same, although applying slightly thicker coats means it reaches full coverage in 2, just give it a little longer to dry. Also these polishes are missing names (come on Primark, I thought we had this issue sorted).

Right, first up is this cornflower blue shade. I used 2 thick coats (to avoid brush strokes) and one coat of topcoat for the swatch below.

Secondly I have this bright mint green. Again 2 thick coats and one coat of topcoat were used for the swatch below.

Lastly I have this neon pink (it's a true neon as it glows under UV light) and wow I loved this colour. The formula is the best of the 3 and although I still needed 2 coats, they were much thinner than the previous. I also added a topcoat for the swatch below.

I took the swatch off before I thought about snapping a picture under the UV lamp so I'm sorry, but you can see from the bottle shot below that it's glowing (it's slightly pinker irl).

My thoughts on these are mixed. I love the packaging and the colours, the formula is reasonable but the plastic brush and missing names are annoyingly frustrating. They're such small details, surely it's not hard to permanently rectify these and ensure all new nail products are rolled out with them as standard? At the cheaper end of the market, you can't beat Primark polishes though and I think it would be completely unreasonable to expect them to live up to my high expectations when you're only paying a fraction of the price.

What do you think of the colours? Are you a fan of Primark beauty products?

You can buy these (and the other shade, possibly more) from Primark stores priced at £1.50 each. I personally will be picking more up next time I'm in a store.

Vicky xx


  1. I love these colours, I use to always use primary polish when I first started doing nail art (back in the day). Ive never gravitated back to them, but after seeing this post, i think that I might try out the gel collection!

    1. primark ** ... sorry autocorrect haha

    2. Me too, although I've been purchasing quite a few of them recently as they're cheap and the colours are lovely. Shame about the brush, it's the biggest downside about them xx


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