A Rainbow of My Favourite Polishes S/S 2016

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

So how is it Tuesday again? These August days are zipping past very quickly (I'm already getting excited for Autumn). Today I thought I'd bring you a new post so I hope you enjoy it.

I've been thinking of doing a Mid Year Favourites style post for a while but I was struggling to narrow down my choice of colours, thus the 'Rainbow' part was born.

Purple Pop by Barry M - reviewed here.

It Girl by Jessica Cosmetics - reviewed here.

Bug A Blue by Barry M - reviewed here.

Mint Green by P.S Beauty @ Primark - reviewed here.

Cosy Posy by Models Own - reviewed here.

Custard by P.S Beauty @ Primark - reviewed here.

Beach Fire by Models Own - reviewed here.

Just Beachy by Collection - reviewed here.

I Love Juicy by Leighton Denny - reviewed here.

Pinky Swear by L.O.G Cosmetics - reviewed here.

Barrier Reef by Models Owm - reviewed here.

Pink Daisy by Jessica Cosmetics - reviewed here.

There we have it. I love a rainbow collage of swatches and all the colours I've picked have been released this year. I'm thinking of doing this style post toward the end of the year as well, using polishes that are yet to be released, so let me know your thoughts on it.

Whats your favourite colour from this line up? What other colours would you have included?

Vicky xx


  1. Love them all purely for your flawless swatches xx 💖

    1. Ah thank you, I love when you've swatched loads and can pick out some stunning colours x

  2. I agree, your swatches are perfect x

    1. Thank you Amanda, I love how glossy and pretty all these colours look together xx

  3. I absolutely LOVE this post. I was thinking of doing a favourites post at the end of last year but being on holidays it just never happened so I will be doing it this year but I am not exactly sure how I want to do it. The rainbow idea is fantastic. I may just need to pinch the idea.

    Love your choices of polish and your swatches are perfection!
    Tracy xx

    1. Ah thank you, it's always hard to know how to present a favourites post and you know how much I love colour and collages ... It was a perfect fit.
      Please feel free to do the same, I know I would love to see other peoples faves as it's always nice to narrow down the best of the best from all the collections and polish we buy throughout the year.
      Thanks again for your comments, they mean a lot :)

  4. Some great colours, a few polishes that I need to pick up I think. Such a great post xx

    1. Thank you, I always feel that way when looking at these style posts and wish lists. Glad your liked it xx

  5. I love all your choices, I think Pink Daisy might be my favourite though. Looking forward to seeing what you pick in the next of these posts x

    1. Pink Daisy is such a gorgeous colour, I wear it all the time for day to day pink nails. I'm glad you like this post, it's so simple to do but is really nice to look back on faves xx


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