Betsey Johnson Wallpaper Inspired Nail Art

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sunday's are the best days, especially when you don't have work tomorrow. I've had such a restful day but I've managed to fit some nail art in and thought I'd share that with you here.

A little while ago I was browsing through IG, one of those 'click through, click through, click inception' type browsings and I came across this image on Betsey Johnson's instagram page.

It's of her peel and stick wallpaper and I knew immediately that I wanted to used this as inspiration for some nail art.

So here it is. I not only mixed and matched the nails but I also mixed and matched the finish and actually love the combo of matte and shiny.

For the design I used Barry M 'Cyan Blue' & 'Cobalt Blue', Collection 'Caribbean Crush' & Sunset 'Pink' and Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White'. I also used some acryllic paints for the roses (see my post here on why I love using paint for nail art) and finished with a combination of Seche Vite and Barry  Matte topcoats.

What are your thoughts on this mani? Do you like the random patterns? What are your best sources of inspiration for nail art?
I think I like the index finger design the best but I am so pleased with the overall mani.

Have a lovely cosy Sunday evening.

Vicky xx


  1. I love these nails; great interpretation of the original wallpaper designs!

  2. Love these, they are fab! Just goes to show you can find inspiration anywhere x

    1. Haha, literally anywhere. I have screen shots of some of the weirdest things! Need to create more nail art using them xx

  3. These are terrific!!! You did a fantastic job re-creating your inspiration! I especially love you pinky!

    1. Thank you Kim, it's always nice to be inspired by something different and challenge yourself when creating the design. The pink was so easy :) xx


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