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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Back on the 7th August I guest blogged for Helen of Hellz Nails on her second blog called Helerina Blogs - link here. I'm hoping you all saw the post but if not, you can read it here on my blog today.

Handcreams and general hand/nail care items are possibly my second favourite thing to buy when out shopping, first is obviously nail polish.

Not only are they important for keeping our skin moisturised, but they contain oils that are great at strengthening and conditioning our nails. The other week I picked up 2 new creams (new to me at least) and as I've been loving them so much, I thought I'd share them with you today.

Lush Cosmetics - Sympathy For The Skin
Price: £5.95 for a 100g pot
Buy it here.

This hand and body cream is like a smoothie for the skin, the main scent is a heavenly mix of vanilla and cocoa butter but you do get a faint whiff of banana occasionally too. The smell in my opinion is gorgeous and it actually hangs around for a few hours after application. A small amount goes a long way, which means it'll last a long time (a bonus considering it's slightly on the pricier side) and it contains natural almond, sandalwood and lemon oil which are great for hydrating, soothing and refreshing your skin and nails. However the downside to this is it leaves a slightly sticky finish on the skin. For this reason I tend to apply it at night time and first thing in the morning.

Superdrug - Strengthens Nails & Moisturises Hands
Price; £1.99 for a 150ml tube
Buy it here (I've linked the smaller 30ml tube for £1.05 as the big tube isn't on the website).

For a budget friendly hand and nail cream you can't go wrong with this one. I was immediately drawn to the pink packaging (yes I'm a sucker for stuff like that) and the fact that the tube is basically shouting 'Strengthens Nails' at you (something us nail loving ladies can't pay enough for). The scent of this is not as fresh as the Lush cream but it is very pretty, it smells like a mixture of sun cream and talcum powder. It applies nicely, soaks in quickly and although it contains almond oil, there is no trace of a sticky residue left after application. It's the perfect cream to slather on your hands and nails during the day and I have a couple of tubes of this floating around my house so it's always within reach.

Have you tried any of these creams? Do you have any suggestions of hand and nail creams I would like?

Vicky xx


  1. Love this post and I have to admit, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging too! I really want to give any butter a go but I tried one and I can't deal with it being so greasy:( Atm I'm using Zoella hand cream and I'm loving it! Smells pretty, it's large and absorbs fast. I'm hopping to write about it when all the 31DC madness stop! Xx

    1. I always get sucked in when it comes to new hand creams. I honestly could buy loads of them & it's all down to the packaging. I've not seen the Zoella hand cream, I'll keep an eye out for it but I look forward to reading about it next month. You're doing so well with the 31DC madness though, I honestly couldn't keep up with it xxx

  2. I need to learn some lessons from this... hands need love huh!?!

  3. I need to learn some lessons from this... hands need love huh!?!

    1. They really do! Yours more than most xx

  4. I'm going to try the super drug one, always looking for decent handcream! I'm currently using Orly rich renewal that works fantastically well, but it's hard to get hold of (and not cheap!)


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