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Thursday, 8 September 2016

PR Sample
Happy Thursday, I hope you've all been having a lovely week. Mine has been manic but I'm so glad it's nearly the weekend. I have lots of swatching and blog posts to catch up on and I'm hoping to also spend some time browsing around the shops (I may even pick up a few more Christmas presents).

Today I bring you a very exciting post. Red Carpet Manicure are a well known gel polish company who boast an extensive range of beautiful gel colours. In fact all summer I have been lusting after their 'Escape To Paradise' collection (swatching coming soon), so I was thrilled when I was sent their Gel Polish Pro Kit.

DIY Gel nails have soared in popularity over the last year and although the application process is simple enough to follow, it is the removal that many people rush/mess up, resulting in damaged nails. However if you are careful, follow the correct steps and treat your nails with plenty of oil after removal, there is no reason that wearing Gels will do anything other than give you a long lasting and super shiny manicure.

Red Carpet Manicure's Gel Polish Pro Kit contains everything that is needed to apply and remove a gel colour.

To Apply:
1. Clean your nail beds and cuticle area, thoroughly, including the application of 1 coat of Prep MAX ADHESION SANITIZER.
2. Apply a thin coat of Structure BASE COAT GEL.
3. Cure under the light for 1 minute.
4. Apply a thin coat of your chosen Gel Colour (I used Red Carpet Reddy).
5. Cure under the light for 2 minutes (3 if the colour is darker).
6. Apply a second coat of your colour and cure again for the same amount of time.
7. Apply a thin coat of Brilliance SEAL & SHINE TOP COAT GEL.
8. Cure for 2 minutes.
9. Remove the tacky layer with some Purify PRE & POST APPLICATION CLEANSER on a lint free wipe.
10. Apply some Revitalise NOURISHING CUTICLE OIL to your cuticles and massage around your nail beds.

While wearing your gel manicure it is important you apply nail oil regularly (the more the merrier). Revitalise NOURISHING CUTICLE OIL, which is included in the kit, has a fresh citrus scent and leaves the nails and skin in perfect health.

To Remove:
1. Buff the surface of your nail (polish) to break the top coat. You know when you've buffed enough as it appears 'cloudy'.
2. Soak a cotton wool pad or ball in Erase GEL NAIL POLISH REMOVER.
3. Place the cotton pad in the foil wrap and place on the nail.
4. Leave your nail wrapped in foil for 10-15 minutes (try not to peek/open the foil as this will interfere with the chemical reaction that breaks down gel polish).
5. After the allotted time remove the foil and use an orange stick to gently scrape off any pieces of gel left on the nail.
6. Apply a generous amount of cuticle oil to your nails and massage gently.

After removal:
Start the process again or apply a normal polish base coat.

Red Carpet Reddy is the colour included in this Pro Kit and it's a true classic red. I only need 2 thin coats of this before it was fully opaque. I tested the wear time of this polish on a non-nail blogging friend of mine and it lasted a full 14 days before one tiny chip formed on the index finger of her right hand. When I removed it, it was as shiny as the day it was applied. I should also point out that my friend works full time and has a bath most nights, she really put this system to the test ... and it passed with flying colours.

If you fancy trying at home gel nails, this kit is the perfect all in one product to purchase. You can pick it up from their online store here priced at £89.99.

It seems a little pricey, however you only need to use it 3/4 times before you'd start making a saving on salon prices. Plus you get to sit in the comfort of your own home, apply and remove when it's convenient for you and watch reruns of your favourite show.

Have you tried any Red Carpet Manicure colours/kits before? Would you consider applying a Gel manicure at home? Let me know your thoughts.

Vicky xx


  1. Great post hun. I used to love RCM when I wore gel polish xx

    1. Thanks lovely, I hadn't tried them before this & I'm loving them. They're such a great brand and their products are fab xx

  2. Great information! And that red looks so divine on you!! :)


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