Monthly Favourites - September 2016

Saturday, 1 October 2016

So September has been an epic failure as far as my blog has been concerned and I am sorry for it. As for why, the main reason is I have been caught up in work, boring but true. I've also been ill, suffered with exhaustion and to top it all off, I chipped a couple of my nails (definitely the worst from the list). However as the month draws to a close I am beginning to feel better, I've found my feet a little at work and believe I can strike some kind of balance between earning a living and indulging my passion.

The one thing September has bought me is a ton of Autumnal nail polishes and I can not wait to get on top of my swatch pile and show off all the gorgeous colours that are out there for us nail fanatics at the minute.

Nail Related Favourites

Favourite nail polish
This month my favourite polish comes from the The August 'Boho' MeeBox (see my review here). Aggie from Zoya is an incredible duochrome (you know I'm a big fan) and this colour is perfect for autumn. The golden shimmer with a slight green tinge is so reminiscent of the changing leaves and I can't help but feel happy when I'm wearing this, especially as it sparkles like crazy in the sunlight.

Nail art I've created this month
So it's been a very quiet month nail art wise for me. A reality that's becoming too much of a habit, so during October I've decided to take part in @Clairestelle8 Halloween Challenge. That way I'll be forced to created some gorgeous Halloween themed nail art at the very least.

Swatches I've done this month
As I explained at the start, I have had little time to swatch anything this month, despite having so many gorgeous polishes drop through my door. I've only managed to swatch 10 colours and even that was a task in itself. However the colours are stunning and I know that next month I will have an awful lot more to show you.

Favourite blog post I've published
This month I have a total of 8 blog posts to choose from but the clear stand out favourite for me is my review of Jessica Nails AW Into The Wild collection. The formula of these polishes is stunning and there isn't a colour amongst the lot that I won't wear again and again.

Favourite blog posts from other bloggers

B Nailed To Perfection - Earth Tones Tartan
Oh how I fell in love with this mani. I've been itching to create some tartan/blanket nails and I honestly think this style looks amazing on Bethany's nails. I've already got this listed as a mani I want to recreate.

Hellz Nails - Inspired By Art: 31 Day Nail Challenge Day 27
I love floral nails and those inspired by the gorgeous prints of Cath Kidston are among some of my favourites. Helen has done an amazing job picking the most perfect colours and ended up creating a gorgeous design.

Red Heads Paint It Better - Barry M Autumn/Winter Coconut Infusions
Yes! This was the first blog post I read that contained swatches of Barry M's new AW colours and I was so excited to see what they looked like on. LL showed off the colours to perfection and they only made me more excited to get my hands on them.

Any new nail brands I've discovered
Despite the doom and gloom of the rest of my month, I did discover 2 new brands. Red Carpet Manicure (see my post here) and Cuccio Colour. Red Carpet Manicure create some stunning at home gel colours and I will have some more swatches of them coming up next month. The Cuccio Colour polish was included in the August MeeBox and I was so glad to finally try them out.

Any new nail care products I've discovered
I've been trialing Bare It All cc base coat in beige by Leighton Denny. I will post my full review of it soon, but for now know that I am a big fan of this product.

Non-Nail Related Favourites

Favourite moment in September
On the first of September I visited Paultons Park with my sister and my niece and nephew. It was an amazing day out, the sun was shining and we all had so much fun on the rides. We finished the day out with dinner by the seaside and then played with some sparklers as the sun went down.

Favourite food
As the cold creeps in and the nights get darker, I've been enjoying some more warming dinners. My fave meal recently is some slow cooked chicken, jacket potato and stuffing. Its delicious and very satisfying.

Favourite song
This is definitely a strange choice but I've been listening to a lot of 'Rain' sounds this month. I put it on when I'm having a bath and when I'm drifting off to sleep. Its so soothing and makes me feel cosy and happy.

Favourite book
After reading Cursed Child last month, I decided to pick up the Harry Potter series and start it again. There are so many amazing little moments in the books that I seem to forget between reads. I'm currently on The Goblet Of Fire and loving it every bit as much as I did the first time I read it.

Favourite movie
I finally watched the new BFG this month and so will give this spot to it. I did really enjoy it and thought the animation, characters and story were brilliant. I actually shed a tear (nothing new there) at the end, isn't it funny how a bunch of pixels can make you feel.

Favourite TV show
As I've spent a lot of time resting this month, I've been rewatching Downton Abbey. I actually started at series 2 but then went back to series 1. I'm now half way through series 3 and have just watched Lady Sybil give birth (if you've seen the episode you know what comes next). Yes another few tears have maybe been shed.

So there we are, September in a nutshell was trying. However by the end of next month I'm dropping down to 4 days a week at work and hope that this will make my life a little easier. It will at least afford me some more time to rest and get some nail bits done. I'm also really excited for October, the halloween decor, the chilly days and the chance to wrap myself up in all my cosy scarfs, knitwear and blankets.

Please let me know what you're monthly faves were and what you're looking forward to in the coming month.

Vicky xx


  1. I seriously love these posts of yours! I think I will have to steal the idea for my blog.

    I can totally relate and understand about having to take a step back (whether forced or not) from the blog. Glad you are starting to feel better. Can't wait to see what you do with Claire's Challenge.

    Tracy xx

    1. Tracy, thank you. You really should do a monthly round up post. I've only had 3 so far but I love looking back at them so much. I can imagine in a years time, I'll flick by to last years month and be surprised by some of my faves (non nail related).
      Hope you're ok, your blog and nails are gorgeous as ever xx

    2. I am planning on doing a round up/favorites for the end of the year. I'm still not 100% sure or how I want to do it but there is still time to think about next. Next year I definitely plan on doing the monthly ones like you do. :)

    3. Me too, although I've no idea how to fit that in, as well as a December one. Maybe I'll do my December faves a little early (after Christmas Day) and then the yearly one at the end of December. I can't wait to see yours & know that next year you'll love doing these style posts x

  2. Sounds like you've done a great job just surviving September! I can't wait to see the Halloween nails and remember, just keep swimming!

    1. ... swimming swimming!
      Thanks, I will xx

  3. And my "bing blog reading" begins with this one...sorry I haven't been keeping up. It's on my New Year's resolution list...LOL
    I love these monthly review posts -- it's fun to get your insights on both blogging and other topics. ;)

    1. And my comment binge ends with your first one. I want to thank you for the time taken to read and comment. Glad you love it too xx


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