Stand Up To Cancer Nail Art

Friday, 21 October 2016

Happy Friday and a big yay to having a week off. I am so excited to have the following 9 days off work and I can't wait to get back on top of my swatch pile. I'm even off to IKEA tomorrow to grab a fourth helmer as I've bottles of polish spilling over everywhere. Yes, the time to get re-organised and plan is at hand and I am so pleased.

Today I have some nail art that I created for the Stand Up To Cancer event today.

Hannah from @hannah_nails_it has taken a lot of trouble and time to organise a big nail polish community collab and I was so pleased to be asked. Cancer is a terrible disease that effects so many of us and it's important to support any cause that is working against it.

It was very humbling to see just how many amazing nail ladies got behind this cause and the variety of designs was amazing. It was bittersweet to see the gorgeous nail art and then read the sad posts that accompanied them. However it showed just how important it was to stand up and support this cause.

The colour scheme was red, yellow, black and white and as the logo to Stand Up To Cancer involves arrows, I thought I'd keep it simple and incorporate some coloured arrows on a white background.

I used all Primark nail polishes including the stunning Butterscotch (shown in the shots). Keep your eyes peeled as I'll have swatches of these colours up soon.

Even though the day will be over soon, it's important to keep this cause in the forefront of our minds. Donate, support and keep reminding people to 'Stand Up To Cancer', it's the only way to defeat this hideous disease.

Vicky xx


  1. Great art & post for such an important cause for sure!! And, not to be glib, but you nailed this one. <3

    1. Thank you, that means a lot. It was so lovely to be a part of this, esp to support Hannah! X


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