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Monday, 24 October 2016

The other day I was catching up on reading some blog posts and I came across Hayley's of A Nail Polish Addiction post called TAG: Breast Cancer Awareness and knew I needed to do my own version of this tag.

What with the recent Stand Up To Cancer event (see my post here) and October traditionally being Breast Cancer Awareness, it seemed like the perfect time to dust off some pink polishes and give you a run down of my top 10 fave pinks.

1. Favourite Neon Pink
When thinking about neons, there's one brand that pops to mind - Models Own. Their recent Polish For Tans 2016 range contained the gorgeous 'Island Hop' and I knew this needed to be honoured with my favourite neon pink title.

2. Favourite Indie Pink
This was a slightly more tricky one to pick out, seeing as I have few indies. However I do own a few and I decided that 'Parfait Day' from Lime Crime was my favourite from the lot.

3. Favourite Drugstore/Budget Pink
As far as budget brands go, Primark is top of my love list. I chose the gorgeous 'Bright Pink' from their Summer Gel Effect Range.

4. Favourite Pastel or Light Pink
Pastel pinks are among some of my favourites and Jessica Nails 'Pink Daisy' from their Polished In Pastels range is a true stunner.

5. Favourite Medium Pink
I had to pick the amazing 'Sunset Pink' from Collection's Solar Shine collection for my favourite medium pink. The formula of this polish is gorgeous and it has become one of my most worn everyday pinks this year.

6. Favourite Dark Pink
I struggled a little with this one, I don't consider pinks being 'dark', however I love Rimmel's 'Funtime Fuchsia' and it's darker than the other pinks in this post.

7. Favourite Pink with Glitter
While browsing through my collection I came across a long lost Rica polish called 'They Sneeze Cotton Candy' and knew I needed to include it here. Although the pink is very pale, the polish itself is gorgeous. I wore this over a baby pink base.

8. Favourite Pink with Shimmer or Holographic
My favourite pink holographic has to be Color Club's 'Miss Bliss'. Color Club's Halo Hues are some of my most prized and under worn polishes, something that needs to change.

9. Favourite Pink Glitter Topper or Full Coverage Glitter
I couldn't chose between the two prompts here so I have a polish for each.

Pink Glitter Topper - Claire's 'Junk' is a stunning neon matte pink glitter topper and I love wearing this over all kinds of base coats.

Pink Full Coverage Glitter - Gosh's 'Frosted Soft Coral'. Seeing as a textured favourite was missed off the list I had to add this in. It contains the softest most beautiful glitter too.

10. Favourite Pink Jelly or Metallic
Another prompt I couldn't chose between, especially as I love jelly and metallic polishes so much.

Pink Jelly - has to go to Barry M's 'Pink Candy' from their 2016 Limited Edition Lolly Gloss Collection.

Pink Metallic - has to go to another Barry M colour. Although this has no name, it was released back in 2012 as a limited edition for Boots. Its stunning and has a formula almost identical to their recent Molten Metals Collection.

So what do you think? I honestly have to admit that narrowing down my fave pinks was incredibly difficult. I could easily have completed this tag for every brand in my collection, after all Pink is my favourite colour!

According to Hayley this post was started by Mrs Cronall (check out her YouTube video and IG post here) but it's open to anyone and I hope to see a few more 'pink top 10 posts' littered across my bloglovin feed before the month is out.

Vicky xx


  1. Such a great tag isn't it, lovely picks. I haven't tried any of these polishes you've chosen. I absolutely love the color club one xx

    1. Thank you lovely. There were so many from your list I needed to try too. Time to get shopping xx


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