26 GNAI - Blue & Silver

Thursday, 17 November 2016

So this post is super over due (like many these days), however I wanted to catch up on it so here I go.
I decided to join in with Crumpet's Nail Tarts 26 Great Nail Art Ideas, firstly as I love being directed with nail art. Although I like to think of myself as a creative, artsy type, I actually really struggle to come up with random themes (these challenges therefore help focus me) and secondly, I have been feeling like I need to inject some more nail art onto my blog.

I actually started this challenge back at the end of October when I posted my Halloween In The Wrong Colours mani. Today I have the first prompt, Blue and Silver (which should have been posted back on the 14th October), oops.

I used 'Ard As Nails 'Taking A Dip' which I got in Octobers Sugar Skulls MeeBox, Barry M Silver Foil and a stamping plate that I received for review from Cici & Sisi.

I chose the eye image from the top right hand corner of the 'Fun Stuff' plate and felt like a real pro as I managed to pick up a clean image every time. I was a little nervous about using an acrylic plate but it was so much nicer and a lot easier to use than the metal plates I've tried before.

There are so many other images I want to try from this plate, it really is gorgeous. Unfortunately it is currently out of stock so make sure you check their website out for other amazing plates, especially as they are priced at only $5.99 each.

I am still a total novice when it comes to stamping, however I am enjoying my journey. Thankfully I have a few other Cici & Sisi plates (Christmas themed) which I can't wait to play with, prepare yourselves for lots of Christmas manis over the coming weeks.

Vicky xx


  1. Such amazing nails, what a great challenge. I am so gutted I didn't see this, I love the prompts xx

    1. Thank you, that's so kind. There's still time to join, loads of people are joining up still. Just search for the group on Facebook xx

  2. Beautiful!! I haven't tried an acrylic plate yet, but I do like the "old" metal Cisi & Sisi ones that I have. Looks like a great nail art challenge list....looking forward to your creations!

    1. They are brilliant, so easy to use & clean. They don't mark and I love using them so much.
      Thank you lovely, I'm looking forward to the Christmas prompts xx


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