Barry M - Free Gift Limited Edition Nail Paints from Superdrug

Friday, 25 November 2016

Ho Ho Ho - no you're not going crazy, I really have written a second post today, I did allude to the fact there may be another post today in my first blog post and here it is. In fact I feel a little like Santa (hence the Ho Ho Ho) in that I'm giving you such a treat of a post here, well at least I think so.

The other day my sister messaged me and asked if I'd seen the new Barry M's in Superdrug, a sentence that usually gets my heart racing, however I was convinced she was mistaken. After all I had attended the Barry M AW16 press event and thought I knew about all the new releases. So after a bit of questioning, which was difficult because as she's not a major nail polish obsessive like me, she took no photos, didn't know the names of the shades or what colour they were. All she could tell me was there was 2 and one was sparkly - great, consider the case closed (*insert sarcastic rolling eye emoji).

So off I trotted to my local Superdrug (a whole 36 hours after she dropped this info on me) and what did I find ... only the cutest little gift box of BRAND NEW LIMITED EDITION nail paints. Being a serious Barry M collector I knew from far away that these were indeed new like my sister had said and after composing myself for a few seconds I gently walked up and took a box off the display. Now the only tricky bit was picking which items I would buy as this was only available as a free gift when you spend over £7 (a complete bargain as you get the items you buy and these 2 polishes for less than the usual cost of the polishes themselves). I got some Christmas presents for my sister, the same one that gave me this most precious of information and left feeling like Christmas had come early.

Anyways it's 24 hours later and here I am typing up this post, which thinking about it, I should get on with.

Gingerbread is a gorgeous warm red toned brown to gold shimmery duochrome. The first coat applied very sheer but it soon built up and was perfect after 3 thin coats (no topcoat).

Icicle is a sparkly glitter bomb. There are holo glitter strands and tiny holo hex glitters in a clear base. Wow the holo in this polish is very strong and looks amazing on. I applied 1 layer over Gingerbread.

I was curious to see what this combination would look like mattified ... not good. The holo disappears and the duochrome looks far less shifty.

What are your thoughts on these colours? Do you think they compliment the previous Superdrug limited edition AW16 Shades? I love them both but Icicle is really something special and I can't wait to try it over Nutcracker.

I have no information about when these will vanish from the shelves, so if you're a fan of either of these colours, pop down to Superdrug stores (or online), spend over £7 and enjoy these freebies.

Vicky xx

P.s I did also pop into Boots to see if there was a limited edition duo there, but there wasn't. I will be keeping an eye out though, as Barry M usually release items in Boots a week after Superdrug (fingers crossed).


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, it's such a lovely duochrome and the sparkle really makes it beautiful. If only it smelt like gingerbread! :)

  2. If you had answered your phone when I rang missy I would have had all information to hand 😋 I'm so glad you got them though! And I don't think any nail varnish is more suited to you than 'gingerbread'! Yay for christmas nails. Xxxx

    1. Haha, I know, it's totally all my fault. I'm glad I got them too, they're so pretty and I love both of them! Yay for Christmas & yay for more Barry M x

  3. What a gorgeous pack! Your swatches are amazing!

    Tracy xx

    1. Thank you Tracy, I loved this pack of polishes too. Glad you like my swatches x

  4. Such a lovely free gift! I especially love the look of Gingerbread.
    Sam xx
    The Nail & Beauty Files

    1. Gingerbread is so lovely, I know it'd look fab on you. Plus it's free, so after treating yourself to a couple of festive lippies you can have festive nails too! xx


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