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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hello all, today I have a review of MeeBox's October box. I'm not sure why it's taken me this long to post my review, after all this box came out a LONG long time ago.

This is the first time in a while that I personally handed money over for a MeeBox and with that in mind I had much higher expectations. I have been loving MeeBox this year but have to say that this box didn't tickle my fancy like the others have. I just 'liked' everything and that's a very dangerous thing. However I am fully aware that this is my personal opinion, there's nothing wrong with the products, they just didn't excite me like some others have.

The 3 nail polishes included this month are as follows:

'Ard as Nails - Taking a Dip (£3.50)

This is this first time I have tried this UK indie brand as I was very impressed. This bright blue polish has a really lovely silver shimmer and the formula was excellent. I found application very easy with the brush and I love how quickly it dired. I needed only 2 thin coats for full coverage and added a coat of topcoat. It's def my favourite item in this months box, it's just a shame it wasn't full size, I really am not a fan of mini nail polishes.

which leads me on to ....

Deco Miami - Miley What's Good (£11)

Hmm, where to start. Yes this polish is pink and yes it comes in a lovely box (albeit a completly useless box when it comes to polish, as I just throw things like this away) however it's a mini and it has the tackiest and most awkward of lids to hold. I actually thought a cheap childs polish or one of those nasty polishes you use to be able to pick up from the market back in the 90s had accidentally ended up in my box (oops). I needed 2 thin coats for full coverage and added a coat of topcoat. As much as I like the colour, I will not be using this again and think the RRP of £11 is madness, absolute madness.

Annika - White Swan (£4.20)
I love Annika polishes (see my review of some other of their colours here) and this polish was as amazing as the others I've tried. Whites are notoriously tricky to get opaque and this was the same as I needed 3 thin coats, plus topcoat. However the formula was a dream to work with and it dried very well.

WAH London - Nail Art Pen (£7)
This black dual nail art pen is a nice addition to any nail artist tool kit. It has a long striper (which is lovely to use) and a tiny nib (I've yet to try this as my nib lid is welded shut and I don't want lose a nail trying to get it off).

Charlies Nail Art - Fimo Flowers (£1)
I was expecting these fimo flowers when I heard the theme, however I'm not massively blown away with the designs. I was hoping there would be some bright, almost neon type colours so the muted pale yellows and ambers were a little disappointing.

Sparkly Nails - Nail Art Brush (£1.99)
A lovely standard nail art brush,

So there we are, the products in themselves are fine but for me this box wasn't all that. I have to admit that not loving a MeeBox doesn't sit well with me, I almost considered not posting this review at all, however I decided that being honest is best and that after all, it's only my opinion.

If you haven't already signed up, make sure you do for November's MeeBox. I am so excited for this one. As soon as I saw the theme 'All That Glitters' I got goosebumps, I have a very sparkly good feeling about this one.

Vicky xx


  1. A great honest review... just what your readers want and expect!

  2. I'd rather read an honest review of something you didn't like than not covering it. I love the 'ard as nails polish but you're right £11 for the Deco is taking the mick!

    1. I also love the Ard As Nails polish, it's a gorgeous colour and I'm pleased you also think that posting a review is better than not xx

  3. Brilliant review hun. These types or reviews are so hard to write but honest. I nearly got that box but I'm very glad I didn't xx

    1. Yeah, they are hard. Especially when you're a very positive person, however I look back at my posts and it'll be nice to see that I was frank about this box. Have you got the new box coming? I hope it's a good one xx


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