Nails Inc AW16 - Nails Inc Gel Effect: All Fired Up Collection

Thursday, 24 November 2016

PR Sample
Back in 2014 Nails Inc brought you the first nail polish range packed with Kale. Then earlier this year coconut oil was added for extra moisture. Now there's a new superfood for your tips: charcoal.

But why charcoal I hear you ask? After all it's not really a superfood and like you I'm sat here wondering how some dusty black lump of carbon is suppose to help my nails. However charcoal is a powerful detoxing ingredient and it's been introduced to these polishes to help protect our nails against environmental toxins and pollutants, by combating free radicals.

Hmm, well really there's no way I can prove these claims,  however I was intrigued enough to try these polishes out and hope that on some level my nails are grateful for the extra protection this range professes to offer.

The Nails Inc Gel Effect range works like any other gel polish range, there's no curing needed and the added plumpness and shine come from the formula of the polish alone. The formula of these is incredible (although you'd expect that considering the price tag) with both application and lasting power being amazing.

First up I have Portland Square which is a bright tomato-orange crelly. Even though the formula is a little sheerer than a true creme, I only needed 2 coats, no topcoat.

Nobel Street is a stunning burnt raspberry and a shade I can't get enough of this autumn. Again I needed 2 coats (no topcoat), although 1 slightly thicker coat would have been fine.

Spencer Street is a gorgeous metallic charcoal grey. I was so excited by this shade as it's actually a very unique colour. Again 2 coats, no topcoat, were perfect for full opacity.

There is a 4th polish in this 'All Fired Up' range, a stunning warm gold called Crown Place.

The shades in this little collection are gorgeous and I love that they're inspired by the colour palette of an 'open fire' (hence the 'All Fired Up' name); flickering flames, burning embers and roasting coals are an obvious inspiration when you look at the chosen hues.

If you're interested in giving your nails the charcoal treatment, you can grab these polishes from Nails Inc online and selected retailers priced at £15 each.

What are your thoughts on incorporating more unique ingredients into polish? Do you like these colours?

Vicky xx


  1. Charcoal is huge in beauty products at the moment isn't it. I love Spencer Street, it's so pretty and unusual.
    Gorgeous swatches of them all as always Vicky xx

    1. Isn't it, it's the ingredient of the moment. I love Spencer Street too, it's so pretty.
      Thank you x


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